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What is Simoron

-… unique, completely original discovery of Petra and Pyotr Burlan; discovery that doesn’t have analogues in psychological science,

— … modern progressive psychological practice that helps to achieve real success in any business — from cooking dinner to learning the essence of life,

— … the development of all creative potential of a person and un-impeded realization of this potential,

— … activation of universal knowledge and skills in yourself, skills possessed by a few in the whole world,

-… sober, non-mystified view of the nature of life and death, constant awakening, assertion of life everywhere and in everything.

Psychological training Simoron equips everybody with fail-proof methods that allow to:

  • really solve problems instead of endlessly talking about them;
  • free your life from any kind of turmoils instead of fleeing from them;

— make failures impossible instead of struggling with them;

  • and as a result, to reach that level of existence, where feeling of internal and external independence becomes a strong foundation of our relationship with the world.

Authors of simoron system base on the idea that there is a harmonious beginning in every person, it is the inner Master. If to awaken him – he begins to rein our lives. Boundaries of awareness expand; spiritual and physical strength, safety, confidence in future – all these things do not require effort now; they become the norm of life. Earthly person begins to show himself as a being of a cosmic scale.

Method by which this is done in the Burlan’s school is the exposure of stereotypes, usual routines, conventions imposed on a person by the surroundings. Here they don’t purposefully teach anything, they don’t offer techniques borrowed from some other teachings, they don’t encourage efforts for finding any special skills … On the contrary, they wean away from everything superfluous, temporary, superficial, thus helping our living natural energy to emerge. Simoron is the easiest, the most relaxed, the most fun science!

One can join tens of thousands of people who during more than a quarter century of the existence of this science, have proved its undeniable effectiveness, by getting itinerary directly from the Burlans’ hands. The Burlans are known as writers of the first Soviet popular science film about modern trends of esoterics «Information for reflection» (Kievnauchfilm, 1982), also they were organizers and leaders of a distinctive improvisational «Theatre on Chairs» in Kyiv (70 th — 80 th). Petra and Pyotr have published ten fascinating books about their method; they held thousands of workshops in classroom and online, lasting nine months, three months, two days and 5-7 days – Crash Course; participants were residents of nearly 40 countries.

On this website one can familiarize himself (herself) with a number of fascinating materials about simoron system, with dozens of popular posts from our mailing

«Simoron secrets», and watch several authorial video interviews, as well as order books through the authorized Burlan’s publishers.


Since its inception to the present time Simoron is represented only by the author’s school. In the State Register of Trademarks and Service Marks of Russian Federation the Burlans’ copyright certificate is registered as «Simoron (SIMORON) — № 444413 and” Burlan “- № 340656. Similar certificates are registered in the State Register of Ukraine. Only Petra and Pyotr Burlan, and those to whom they give official permission, have right to use the above mentioned trademark in their activity and carry out professional simoron practice. If you have doubts about the quality and authenticity of events held by anyone under the sign of Simoron, be sure to request information in Kyiv School: Tel. +38 050 5115209, e-mail — burlan@ukr.net, Skype — burlan-do.


So … Thousands of people who have forgotten taste of failures, diseases and problems … Entire volumes of documents, testimonies, telling us how easy it turns out to get closer to success in life – to just support it in all its forms instead of fighting through it a la Don Quixote. And most importantly: simoron atmosphere of incessant, undying spring, constant awakening – it’s what everyone who has a little bit to do with this system is filled with and emanate…

Voices from different countries

Hundreds of people from all over the world have joined numerous simoronaut camp during accelerated Simoron courses held in Kyiv twice a year, in June (August) and January since 1993. They are people from Ukraine and Russia, England, and Germany, Italy and Slovakia, the Netherlands and Moldova, Latvia and the United States, Belarus, Estonia, Israel, Austria, Canada, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Spain, France and Czech Republic, Hungary and Uzbekistan, Switzerland and China, Bulgaria and Finland, Bahrain and Armenia, India and Scotland, Norway and South Africa, Belgium, Mexico, South Korea, Turkey, Romania and Cyprus … Here are some of the impressions.

Nellie Gluzman (Israel):

Simoron art has many faces and is not only enjoyment, but also a deep knowledge of life, tranquility, and cleansing, creative energy.

Natalia Kobylkin (Rostov-On-Don):

I changed my worldview; I improved my communication skills. I want to live and see the world in all its versatility, infinity…

Tishchenko E.V. (Voronezh):

This is the pathway to yourself, to the discovery of a Christ consciousness. This is what I’ve been looking for a long time; for the sake of this person comes to Earth. Truth is one, but there are many paths leading to it — a lot. Simoron is close and fast way. I am happy I have found it.

Irina Tskhai (Kazakhstan):

By learning this system, by using it, you become master of your destiny, you live in peace and harmony with yourself and with your entire surrounding, and you feel unity with whole universe.

Oleg (Latvia):

Simoron gives a person opportunity to feel like creator and be able to feel freedom.

Vitko Olga (Belarus):

A new way of life. It is easy and accessible to all. I have learned to live in harmony with nature and with people. All my insecurities disappeared; I have changed my attitude to diseases, failures, worries. I was helped to see things I hadn’t noticed for years.

Gulfia Khabibullina (Tyumen):

Simoron is school that teaches how to live soaring like a bird. It is the joy of life…

Irina Iroutova (Czech Republic):

I have read a lot about this system but simoronaut’s responses seemed to be too fantastic. However, when I started practicing simoron, I realized that «miracles» are possible. A person has right to health, to prosperity, and simoron students use this right widely … Simoron is a new vision of the world.

Tishchenko L.P. (Orenburg):

I came to school because of my wife. It’s amazing. It’s complete liberation. It’s the feeling of my own «self» which was unknown to me before. The shifts in the understanding of my place in the universe are tangible. Without exaggerating my successes, I want to say that I’ve learned to look at the world the way children do. I have great faith in success…

S. Ganopolskaya (Switzerland):

This is live system. It is very similar to a separator which sorts the most valuable out of many, many systems and trends. Or, maybe on the contrary, they borrowed bit by bit the ideas they are based on, from Simoron? After all, Simoron has always existed, long before those other systems appeared…. It existed in the Earth’s air, in sun rays and stars rays, down the rivers flow, in birds’ chirp, in plants’ whisper. The Burlans … just were able to hear it all; they just picked it up and revealed it to us.

Galina Kurovskaya (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky):

Simoron just in a few days turned upside down my attitude to myself and to the world. Because they presented it all so easily and easy, fun, playful, easy to understand. I understand now how to get rid of all the problems … This is the true school of human.

Andrey Rassadin (France):

I started to get interested in esoterics in the Soviet Union, at the «forbidden» times, when something «serious» could be obtained only from self- publishers. I «soaked up» various school systems, teachings, famous ones and little known ones. I was constantly in quest for myself, but couldn’t find it … I learned about this system nine years ago but all these years I could not get there … And finally it happened! When I became burlanaut, I got everything I expected … (Though there is a question all the time: did it really happen to me, or it was just a joke …?)

The Chebotovs, Marina and Andrey (Donetsk):

This is harmonious, with unimaginable possibilities, and at the same time easy-to-understand system … Now it has become as close to «combat» conditions of life and easy to use.

Timophey (Germany):

The days I’ve spent in the cheerful company of crash course participants from all over the CIS and other countries, have become a real treat for me. There was a lot of laugh, jokes, and games. And extraordinary, unforgettable trips to other

worlds … Now I more than ever feel the inner strength and joy, the desire to act on my own, to live, to move on further, deeper…

Inga (Italy):

Those training seminars in school allow me to free myself and my loved ones from any anxiety, to freely use information obtained on the Track of Soaring, I can easily communicate with minerals, plants, animals, and space population. Classes give impetus to work on myself all my life…

R. Krykina (Kharkiv):

You would think that crash course with its concentrated program should make audience to be in tension. It turned out — all the way around. Easy, relaxed, methodically clear scenario of training -communication leads to astounding results. Problems and worries that haunted many of us, couple of days later became irrelevant, and really no longer are. You call home, and find out that your folks forgot about their health problem which was the reason I came here. Clarity of presentation, perspicuity, and visual material of this course truly liberate…

Felix Komarov (Odessa):

When taking various trainings, I noticed one common feature: quick results — and an equally rapid decline, return back to the same problems. Simoron system which I was practicing for quite some time before taking crash course, differs essentially from the quick but short-lived training of personal growth. When it gets into the structure of everyday life, it fundamentally changes the viewpoint of weak, dependent on the circumstances person and turns this person into master of his own life. By using playful way this system annuls all the life’s problems and shows their illusive nature. Even if some problem re-appears on the horizon, it will melt like last year’s snow after performing simoron action.

Elena Khmel (Kyiv):

This is not a trend; this is happy people’s diagnosis. Burlan-do is as true and deep, as deep and true happiness is, and you want to stay in this all-consuming state…

Mikhail (St.-Petersburg):

Before I got to the crash course, I already had some idea about the system. But what I saw and heard was beyond my wildest expectations. The proposed picture of the world is simple, charming, absurd in a good sense and stunningly effective in solving any problem — from the peaceful expulsion of cockroaches out of the bathroom to traveling to past and future. I had chance to prove efficiency of the system by playfully making a few «miracles» during a course of workshop. The skills I received during workshop could be called super-high level of skills: they could be used everywhere, even there, where it seems impossible.

Miroslav (Ivano-Frankivsk area):

First two days I thought I’d wasted money. But on the third day there was something weird: I became morally liberated, my sense of humor increased ten times … I have a feeling that I’m as free as a wind!

Nigora Nosirova (Tashkent):

For me Simoron is a unique opportunity to change rhythms, spatial and temporal strata, to really exist in the rhythm of rock, water, animals; it is opportunity to expand myself, opportunity of self-improvement, of learning myself.

Natasha B. (USA):

The stream that carried for me the intensity of consciousness and involvement in existence, and which I considered to be priority, happened to be secondary. I have learned how to let it go. I remembered well-forgotten since childhood feeling of harmony and understanding of another being. I feel like I am awakening now…

Tatyana (St. Petersburg):

I had no expectation that they would give a magic wand to each participant. But, nevertheless, at first I did not like some of it … Seems, I was waiting something «special» … and it did not fit to what I saw. And then at the end of training I remembered my doubts and confusion, and I realized that they are long gone. They don’t worry me any more, as well as some other things that bothered me at home … Something changed elusively, those my “worries” and me do not interfere with each other. It’s like we were on different planes…

Valentina Pushka (Germany):

Workshop is a discovery in yourself of something that turns over your stone clumsiness, stagnation, involvement in earthly game; it’s like light breeze that brings up a lot of color, light and smiles. Seems that happy and unpredictable world enters you, and you become connected to the source, which has plenty for life…

Natalya (Krivoy Rog):

There comes a feeling as of an alien surprisingly observing what actually people are doing here. You get quite a strong effect of being stunned … Even more, this training can be compared with the deposit of large diamonds at which you, the wild miner, accidentally stumbled. By the end of training you realize that the more you take from the field, the greater will be left there. It is that inexhaustible…

Alyona (Moldova):

There is a feeling … shall I say … of enlightenment: now you know something that your mother did not tell you, Blavatskaya did not mention, religion was silent about… Moreover, you feel like miracle is being born in front of you and with your help. While observing Petra and Pyotr work, you feel emotions like watching favorite movie, eating favorite dish, reading favorite book … and there is even sense of victory of some kind…

Anton Zhuravlev (Krasnodar):

I heard word «Simoron» three months ago. The man excitedly told me that it’s magic that allows you to change reality for yourself, by yourself, no more and no less. That is, I am so powerful that I can turn on and off traffic lights; I can get money out of nowhere … In general, the perfect embodiment of pretty common dreams. It turned out that Burlan-do is not about that … I was terrified. When, after the first class, I went down into the subway, I felt the flow of people bound to the cemetery. Well, and I’m with them … The second time I was scared when I imagined myself out of this flow. But this fear was a positive one … It is not easy to get out of the gaming salon to the fresh air, but once you get out, you look at players and their games differently…

Oksana (Canada):

How many times during the workshop I had feeling that I can do everything! Interestingly enough, I didn’t do anything on purpose but my landlady’s son last few days did not drink, although previously he came home drunk as a skunk. And I easily called home from a pay phone while concierge insisted that it did not work for quite a while… The most important thing: I am taking with me tranquility and confidence. Insomnia that had plagued me for the last few months has disappeared.

Yaskevich VP (Rovenki):

I saw the procedure of getting to the state of «forte», state of good luck, green streets; I’ve learned how to always stay on this wave. Very interesting system of relationships with the environment — without opposition and internal contradictions between subjects and objects. Simoron is not a magic wand, it’s different…

Maria (Netherlands):

This is continuous flow of creativity that comes out from you and filling everything around you with life. As if you are holding radiant joy in your hands and it warms your palms. When you open those palms it rushes out far beyond the mind, concepts of time and space, leaving here and now children’s serenity and naturalness of existence … One begins to understand with his whole being, begins to feel his connection with other dimensions, with the real Homeland …

Simoron Сhronicle

School is a quarter century old… Is that a lot? We flipped through the Simoron chronicle and decided to choose one student’s “confession” per each year of school, so that there was a complete picture of its formation. And here is the picture.

1989, Natalya Kubikova, dressmaker (Kyiv, Ukraine).

My husband went on a business trip. At night I suddenly felt uneasy. Why is that? I worked with myself and returned to normal. And in a normal state simoronist can see it all … I look and see: my husband’s train got stuck at the small station: there was some accident on the rails. OK, I think, they will stay there at least until morning. Again I was worried, and again — back to work … Now, I feel everything will be all right. Next morning my husband calls me from the city of destination: «Can you imagine, the rails were damaged, the station manager said that maintenance will be available only tomorrow. And all of a sudden, out of nowhere, in the middle of the night there comes the maintenance team. They fixed everything and we were on the way in no time! ..»

Another story. There was no hot water in the house. I called housing office. Turns out the pipe cracked somewhere inside the wall. It means that the repair is going to be very long and costly… Well, but I already know what I should do in this case: if a problem appeared in front of me, it means I “gave birth” to it, and I need to replace this one «slide» by another … In short, an hour later we got hot water.

1990, Sasha, businessman (Vladimir, Russia).

Simoron seminar was held at a resort area — in the forest. It was a dreary day, the sky was covered with heavy gray clouds and a lot of mosquitos were flying around … On the third day of the workshop I have already learned how to cope with this kind of situations. It’s so simple: we just have to get rid of the internal barriers, of prohibitions that we establish in childhood … One of the barriers is fear of different circumstances of life that we escalate in our mind and as a result — confirmation of the reason for it in an outer environment. It was enough to understand it; it’s like something clicked inside of me…. And not even a single mosquito landed on my body, though there were millions of them.

And later I foresaw trouble for my company that should have happened in half a year and I averted it by doing the same thing: coming to the level of relations with the world when you do not expect any trouble from anyone.

1991., Vytaly Tzarenko, programmer (Odessa, Ukraine).

When I enrolled in school «Simoron», I was unemployed. It was second month of Simoron training when I was able to see: soon I will get a call with a job offer I’ve been dreaming about. And that’s exactly what happened …

My girlfriend and I broke up. I went to psych, to gypsies for help. They were doing something… But all of it is so boring, I don’t believe in any magic. Simoron helped me to get my love back… The Burlan school changes the person’s approach to life, he becomes down to earth, treats others with all his heart, like a parent. My beloved felt these changes in me and she came back.

1992, Nadya Shlatskaya, teacher (Presov, Slovakia).

I attended simoron seminar because of a problem: heel spurs, very painful one. I was walking on tiptoes – couldn’t do otherwise … And soon I forgot that doctor advised me to remove those spurs surgically. That is to say, I completely forgot that I had them: they disappeared by themselves…. Well, not by themselves but with my help, of course. I realized that I inadvertently brought them to life by my anxiety and tensions … As soon as I removed them; a lot of things began to change.

For example, students in my class are all straight “A” students. There are no fights, no conflicts. And this is at the same time when in the other classes there is poor discipline, drugs, fights … Simoron truly helps make miracles.

1993, Inna Ivanovna, housewife (Magadan, Russia)

My «specialty» is gardening. You should see my crops! And I negotiate with all sorts of pests in a simoron way: you guys…, we live in the same world, in the same nature, so, let us co-exist … and they hear me!

1994, S. Polevaya, bookkeeper (Yekaterinburg, Russia)

I have two children from different marriages — son 13y.o. and daughter – 4y.o. We started experiencing complications in our family after we welcomed our new baby-girl. The irreconcilability grew between my son and his step-father. My husband purposely stayed late at work, he didn’t want to go home. And my son was jealous of my daughter, he too disappeared from home for a long time … And after attending Burlan seminars a sense of unity and goodwill appeared in our family.

My husband and I are planning for another child. We managed to sneak peek at his future, making sure that his life is going to be happy one.

1995, Ivan Ivanovitch, foreman (Vologda, Russia)

We had trouble with the authorities, construction came to a halt, and the funds were not enough … I said: «Take it easy, guys, just look!» — And I performed Yasny dance. It creates a positive vibration, and these waves reach people we are connected with, contribute to our productive contact. According to the principle: «We be of one blood ye and I …» Anyway, the money was found and the relationship got better.

1996, Timofey, service department (Stuttgart, Germany,).

For me Simoron is a radical turn in my life. After a long search (Buddhism, Kabbalah, Occultism) I found a system of ideas about the world, which is as natural as the air and is effective, flawless in its execution.

I don’t want to talk about specific everyday successes which come in abundance to a person, who has mastered the system — this is not the main thing. The main thing is: an internal process of integration into the world of creativity, awareness and a sense of yourself as an equal and effective participant of this process. Simoronaut is not a person who cannot see anything beyond his own nose any more.

1997, Tatyana Avakeena, store clerk (Simferopol, Ukraine).

My mother was going to die; there were reasons — health and psychological both… Everybody turned away from her, buried her in their minds. Except for me. I knew that something could be done, I just had that feeling … At this time, we were having Simoron workshop in our town. There I found out that my mother was too much fixated at the extramundane world, she was too thoroughly rehearsing her departure from this life. I needed to help her to restore her interest to this life and her involvement in this world. I began to work — not on her problem, but on mine: I worked over my feelings about her. That’s how it’s done in Simoron: no one influencing anyone else, but if we eliminate the destructive program in our minds, then people with whom we relate emotionally connect to our clean energy … Not only my mother was alive, but soon she got married. She completely changed: her skin regenerated: wrinkles disappeared, the signs of aging were gone, and she looks like now like a Top Model!

1998., Maria Lukashevna, retired (Kiev, Ukraine).

After attending Simoron school, my grandson completely forgot about his diabetes, insulin, etc.

We have relatives; doctors have predicted their daughter childless future. I taught Anna to look at her problem in a simoron way: baby she wants, can not enter into this life, because she does not let him in with her anxiety … Anna began to work with herself, and here is the result: she became pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby-girl.

1999., Alex, literary man (Tel-Aviv, Israel).

Simoron made ​​me a real master of my life — in the broadest sense of the word. Everything that somehow separated me from people has now disappeared. I understand everybody without words and everybody understands me… I’m sort of on the top of the mountain, where I can view it all: the past and the future. I know who I was in previous incarnations, thousands years ago, and I know who I will be in future … But the beauty is that I can freely choose my own future. I am interested to be born next time in the other worlds, other dimensions and I know that I can accomplish it.

2000., Alyona, teacher (Dallas, USA).

I have been in this school since the first day of its existence. This was time when everyday way of life that was built by the decades before was crashing. Everybody lived like at a crossroads, in a state of insecurity, feeling hopelessly sometimes … So appearance of Burlan program was just what we needed: life suddenly filled up with completely different content. Many people seemed to find the way out where they didn’t even think to look for … Could I, modest single teacher, ever assume that soon I will happen to be overseas, happily married, become «legitimate» American? Simoron is a full life, its happiness…

2001., Yelena, businesswoman, (Tallinn, Estonia).

Simoron really works! I can feel sparkly, non-standard life flow … It does not matter whether there are any snags in life, what matters is that they do not determine the nature of my existence, my behavior. Everything looks different when you look at it simoron way. And this other is genuine; it’s not an illusion….

2002., Stella Petrova, mother and grandmother, (Toronto, Canada).

I regret one thing — that I found out about Simoron so late … However, nothing is too late, because we have eternity ahead! I physically feel that I am not a subject to time, that I am free from its captivity. The «solidity» of the life perception, the thoroughness, the immobility and firmness of forms — all that disappeared. Everything is in motion, in progress, constantly changing… And I’m not a grandmother any more, but rather… butterfly, butterfly in flight, soaring butterfly…

2003., Yana, Medical worker (Vilnius, Lithuania).

My younger son was in high school truancy, failing everything. My older son, after coming back from army, got involved with the doubtful company, started using drugs … Now he remembers the past as a bad dream. He quit his harmful habit and found job he loves. And my youngest one got interested in studying, now he successfully passes exams … I gained confidence in myself, I felt the taste of life.

2004., Seredkina Tatyana, teacher (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia).

Our group is small, but true «miracles» happen there. Here is one … Anna Ivanovna, the older lady, recently did her medical tests as follows: blood test, heart ECG, blood pressure, brain test, etc. The results of the tests surprised doctors: it’s like there was a 20-year-old girl’s results…. But Anna Ivanovna had just a few months of simoron experience…

2005., Alexey Murashov, construction worker (Dnipro, Ukraine).

My wife’s watch stopped since battery ran down and my wife kept forgetting to buy a new one. Quite by accident this watch happened to be close to the stone, which I have sympathized a month ago. All of a sudden I saw the hands of the watch were moving, the face of the watch was lit. So, there was a battery charging from a sympathized stone?..

2006., Nellie Fokina, businesswoman (Moscow, Russia).

Simoron works not only in my life but in the lives of my loved ones. Here is an example: my daughter Yulia was hit by a car, she received multiple injuries, fractures and became disabled… Now she can walk without crutches. I feel that I can help my family no matter where I am…

2007., Luminesta, one simoron forum participant.

One day I was going to have a long bus ride (about 9 hours). I don’t feel well when travel that long, so, to somehow entertain myself, I began to “mix-stir” realities in simoron way…

After about half an hour the bus stopped and the drivers began to discuss something intently. As it turned out, they forgot to turn to the bypass road. As a result, we arrived six hours ahead of schedule!

2008., N.N., student, (London, Great Britain).

Simoron entered my life with a light gusty wind. It’s the key to yourself, to the magic that lies within us. Key that helps one to discover rainbow in self… The same bright rainbow as the one that my study group brought to life in Kyiv sky, when they used Yassny…

2009., Alicia, producer, (Barcelona, Spain).

I’ve been twice at Burlan «blitz» in Kiev. Now depression that kept me from living full life for many years completely gone. I had no idea that the reason for this was Dekosha`s (my otherworldly half) work. Turned out, it was enough to «feed» him a few times — and he got quenched, thus stopped “getting” me. This is an amazing feeling — getting rid of psychological duality, of the constant internal dialogue and finding wholeness. There is a sense of celebration which, as Hemingway said, is «always with you.»

2010., Sam Bagdasarov, MD (Kyiv, Ukraine).

Exactly how long have I been with Simoron? Probably eight to ten years now… I work at a children’s intensive care unit. Here they often bring kids in coma. Their little bodies are not strong enough, many of them die … But when I am on duty — it is excluded. I don’t do anything special to keep them alive…. It’s just Simoron and I work together as a single unit, I am imbued with it to the core, and apparently babies could feel it emanating from me…

2011-2018. Evidence of several simoronauts who once joined the Burlan

School and continue polishing their skills.

G. Mykhailenko, 52 y.o., economist.

About 18 years ago «miracles»started happening in my life: I found a dream-job. My ex-husband and I shared the apartment, he was abusing us … Shortly after my initiation to Simoron he moved out and left us. I met a wonderful man, fell in love with him and I am very happy now.

L. Kovalenko, 36y.o, head of the company.

I came to Simoron School as a university student. I was young rationalist, rather critically minded … I soon realized that the system works smoothly and efficiently. I became a businessman, very successful one. I now manage company and I am not complaining…

E. Domysh, an artist, 40y.o.

Before Simoron I was a wreck: constant strep throat, joint pain, back pain, heart trouble, vascular spasms … Soon I simply forgot about all these health problems. I dropped 11kg (24 pounds) without any diet… And now, after all these years, I feel like I was born anew.

N. Gnatenko, 69y.o., retired.

Simoron helped me get rid of the gripping fear of nightmares. I, like others, have been taught at school to manage my second «I» – my other, “behind the mirror” half … Now both parts of my personality work in harmony, as one team: no usual internal contradictions, no internal dialogue, no conflict. I feel as a whole person living in a holistic, harmonious world.

O. Bobyrskaya, 46 y.o., designer.

On the first year of practicing Simoron my husband quit drinking. And since then he doesn’t even touch alcohol … We’ve been very happy all these years.

S. Porokh, 39y.o, programmer.

I am convinced that regular person who doesn’t possess any special talents, can discover an ocean of slumbering, not engaged in daily life powers in self. This truly regenerates him, makes him master of his life and active helper for those who want once and for all get out of the mundane «victim — robbers» game.

D. Emilina, 40 y.o., housewife.

I remember how amazed was everybody when they saw me «negotiating» with the mole crickets that were devouring my garden, the potato beetles, and cockroaches of all sorts … I am kind of specializing on animals. Some time ago animals were dying in our house, they just did not survive. They say we have an anomalous zone of some kind. Since then I have raised a whole «zoo»: I brought up several lively dogs, many wonderful kitties, parrots … They are all good friends and love each other.

N. Ylienko, 47 y.o., bus driver.

My introduction to Simoron started with the fact that all the lost things in my house were found. Whatever was stolen was also returned. I was able to pay off all my debts … I can not say that we wrap ourselves in luxury, but, thank God, we are not hurting now. And all of it just because we live in simoron way: we don’t fight circumstances, we do not retreat under their pressure, we treat them the way masters do.

V. Kurylo, 42 y.o., art critic.

What struck me at the time – there was neither magic, no sorcery. Everything is simple and natural as the breath of life … I remember, my relative fell ill and he turned to me for help, knowing that I was «doing something». I explained to him that all of our afflictions, troubles, failures are nothing but a game in which we play the role of pawns who do not see far beyond their noses. That he needs to rise to the level of the writer-director who can stage another game with no room for trouble. And I taught him how to do it … The result: not only he became completely free of an incurable disease, but he also began to teach others the same. After that incident, I had many more stories of this kind…

L. Kosteva, 38 y.o., bookkeeper.

I grew up a loser, «ugly duckling.» I was hesitant, afraid of new blows of fate which didn’t make me wait long. When I started Simoron School, I believed in myself, I became sociable, cheerful, joyful… And I stayed this way for many years… And life treats me the same way in return…

E. Baraban, 45y.o., philosopher.

I can only say one thing: as a system Simoron world view is very promising, because the keystone concept of it correlates to the classical philosophical and, at the same time, the latest in the world of esoteric ideas and thoughts, and develops them.

A. Pastushko, 32y.o., An artist.

I came to Simoron a whippersnapper. My whole life now is a consequence of this coming. To me, this school is endless celebration of self-discovery, inspiration. I’ve witnessed, people suddenly began to write poetry, create pictures, compose music … And they just bring creativity into all aspects of their life. Simoron is irreversible way out of what mankind calls misfortune.


There is so much of information and misinformation about Simoron that an inexperienced reader can quite often get confused about terms, interpretations and comparisons. Someone speaks of it as a panacea from all troubles, others compare it to the shaman practices, laughing therapy … who knows what else! To begin with, let`s cut off the slightest attempts of any comparisons — you can call it whatever you want and be sure that you`ve missed the point!

But only when you understand that your goal was to get to the sky (there is a Celtic saying “the shooter was aiming at the sky and hit it…’’), you will get closer to whopping “twenty-eight” to understanding Burlan -Do.

Lately in various cities and towns, and even in different countries and continents, self-proclaimed Simoron courses began to open like umbrellas in the rain. Some of them really have to do with the tradition, with the wisdom of life, which was brought into the world by the founders of the school – Petra and Pyotr Burlan. Then these courses are legally referred to as branches of the Simoron School and they have the latest developments of the system in their possession. Others — those who have recently (or long ago), «split off» from school, hijacked one or another method of the past years. But without understanding the essence of the method, the very basics of the system, they have replicated their misunderstanding, their patterns of behavior, which for some reason are called Simoron … In honor of the authors of the system? Just because «Napoleon» cake, which was named after the French emperor, was made in the low-quality bakery, its taste is hardly the same.

So, what is Simoron? Who else but the authors of the term, can set the record straight on it. In no case we say that they are always right. Moreover, we are sure that there is no right, nor left in their words. It has never been.

There is only a philosophy of life, method, technique (you can substitute your own version here). There is Simoron system that works. For nearly 20 years! But new ideas and techniques are born every day and every hour in the Burlan “kitchen”. The ways out for anyone and everyone to life without lossess and defeat.

Authors of the system are constantly «interrogated» about its essence, about technique, about their own participation in Simoron and people who chose Simoron as a lifestyle. What is written below are excerpts from Petra`s and Pyotr`s Burlan «live», improvised answers to the topical questions.

  • What is Simoron? Psychological training, esoteric practices, magic, shamanism?

-We wouldn`t describe our school with either one of this terms just because every one of them has some kind of purpose, a goal.

If a person wants to achieve certain status or position in life, the means he uses for this will be used to ensure that this is the best way to reach his goal. In Simoron we don`t set any goals. The sole purpose of Simoron is the removal of all goals.

We don`t teach anything. The traditional view about school is associated with a desire to learn something new, that is to put on additional amount of information. And by doing so, enrich our potential. We are doing just the opposite. By the time person reaches adulthood, he has already learned a lot, a lot of which would be better to part with. Not everything he gets in life by training, education or culture is useful. In our practice, we constantly see that 99% of this «knowledge» is going to harm him. So this person needs to be undressed, so called “stripped”, become free from all cliches and patterns, from those «locks», which he imposed on himself and which prevent him to discover himself. We help people to discover their «cosmic SELF» – the general creative direction of their lives, their future, their own destiny.

So, the only goal of Simoron is the removal of all goals. The techniques we use may be called the «anti-techniques»: they lack any kind of directed or coordinated rituals.

Psychotraining? Looks like it. But coaching is aimed to coach, and always in a given direction. Simoron is training on the contrary, it helps to lose everything that has been trained in human life before.

  • In that case isn’t Simoron a technique of unpunished behavior, permissiveness and anarchy? Do what you want, do as you wish.
  • What kind of anarchy is that? Anarchy always implies resistance to something. It`s a destruction of the existing rules and regulations: be free in defiance of everything that surrounds you! We’re talking about the effective realizationtion of all human capabilities given him by nature. If a person is able, for example, to write beautifully, to dance, to sew, to lay bricks, to cook soup, to compose music, if he really likes it — he will do all that with the maximum benefit for himself. And not only for himself, the results of his work will be helpful to many. But to find this kind of calling in yourself is not always easy. Simoron just teaches ability to find it. The system removes the «deafness» in relation to yourself and to the world around us. Secondly, it teaches self-dependence. This is the most important thing in it. Self-dependence, not permissiveness, they are different things, aren`t they? Permissiveness involves only operations with something that may or may not be allowed. Simoron also abolishes everything that somehow brings us back to those operations. We are talking about how to remove the need to look back, to check whether it is permissible or not. This is what independence (or self-dependence) means.
  • What does person who restored self in himself feel?

-To begin with, he doesn`t feel anything. To feel something means to become isolated in something recognizable, familiar, routinary. We help person to enable feeling experienced by a baby, when he open-mouthed, is amazed by sunlight or stars. Watch him, if you can, see how the child looks up at the starry sky … He just recently came into this world and brought with him the experience of a Greater Universe — it is easier for him to recognize and remember what was forgotten by most adults: they only look down at their feet, so that not to trip and fall …

So when we discover inside of us this childlike, pristine amazement of life, we can only feel one thing: the process, discovery in constant progress, creation of the universe …

-How does Simoron help person to change his current existence?

-Changes are hardly the point. Changes are always relative, that is, there is always something in relation to which changes occur. Let’s say, someone of those who come to us, is not happy with his life (consciously or subconsciously) and he expects Simoron to help him in any way to change it. In fact, he continues to play the same game which he played prior to coming to school. Whatever he has «changed» (starting from something else), he will eventually come to the same thing he had before the «change.» Only the background changed…

Let`s get it straight: people who changed something in their lives or are willing to change are «players». As matter of fact, it is impossible to find a person, even the most conservative, who is not trying to change at least something in his life. But this approach is an illusion of life, not the life itself. The illusion is that a person all the time, kind of bumps into changes, to the change of scenery — even in small things, even in something … Something is changing all the time: here I looked in the window and saw some feather. There already has been change, I noticed it, and along with this change I myself seem to change a little … It seduces us, it tempts us, we strive for constant change, without noticing that in the process of it, we are missing our true program – discovery our true self in ourselves … Our main task is to stop this spinning, this tendency for constant change of scenery. That’s when we find true self!

Interviewed by Antonina Bly, Dmitry Highlanders (2003)


“…the simpatico should be as smooth as a

movement of a soul…”

-What if my soul is trying to do corners?

— That`s not your soul, that`s your previous experience

of bumping at corners …”

(from the dialogue at the workshop)

The new season of Simoron School is now open and it doesn`t leave any room to usual forms and templates. Now the SIMPATICO rules, which is the Simoron Patent for the right to be YOURSELF.

Finally, the word is spoken. “Sympathetic” is exactly correct word about everything that has to do to Petra and Pyotr Burlan, their classes, their method, their students, the whole world around them…

Many simoronauts proved a long time ago: in a matter of seconds, maybe minutes for some and, oh well, hours and days for others, world from hostile (antipathic) turns to friendly (sympathetic). And the trick here is not just two contrast words, not in the tug of concepts, but in an instant transition to a fundamentally different quality. That is QUALITY OF LIFE.

Indeed, the transition happens immediately, the other thing is that our inertia doesn`t let us instantly see it and believe it, it stretches everything to hours and months. But sooner or later we can see that this world is OURS and it is sympathetic to us.

During the long years of daily wanderings and adventures, not always joyous, we forget that our world is WHOLE. With every passing day of this life we make our own space narrower and narrower, until we drive ourselves in a box with absolutely standard sizes.

By protecting our space, we shield ourselves from the world, we divide the world with the fence to MINE and NOT MINE.

When does it all start? Of course, in our childhood, when it feels so calm, peaceful and safe next to the mother, and the world seems to be beautiful and friendly…but as soon as mother leaves us for a minute, everything changes quite the opposite. And when adults begin to teach us the rules and norms of behavior on a «take care of your own and do not touch someone else’s!», wanting only the best for us, we can congratulate ourselves on our first life`s trench.

For example, I brought up my son this way. And when he was doing something in his own way, I was a little ashamed before the peers. Covered with a thick layer of social labels, I did not quite trust his natural interests and movements. Years have passed, and now his social patterns and stereotypes are trying to keep me in the bounds of decency. It’s amazing: we do not allow children to be FULLY children, and later we are annoyed with their desire to be FULLY adults. We are not completely present «here and now», in the PRESENT- nor with them, neither with ourselves. Instead, we speculate: «What would happen if …» — NEVER knowing it for sure.

Even the simplest provocation (there are a lot of merry provocations in Simoron) — «social striptease» — plunges us into the swaying the swings of extremes. By using our social filters, we immediately catch the trend of opposition: «Social — Biological», everything society dictates us, we need to discard», but «social habits help us to survive in the harsh natural conditions» … While there is no opposition and especially, confrontation in Simoron system. Just because it’s not Simoron method. And all the discussions on a subject «what if Robinson did not show mettle …» or «is Mowgli a person?» make no sense initially. It`s just because in Simoron, where everything is perceived in INTEGRITY, without division and opposition, there is no need to falsely deny society that brought us up and still has a grip on us, as well as heading back to the Pampas. Apparently, person was initially destined to combine both, without distortions and preferences.

The Burlan School, as a laboratory of life, gives the opportunity to «disassemble» yourself into many smaller components in order to understand that each of these components is nothing compared with the wholeness that life actually is.

It`s baby boom in Europe now, and a new system of raising kids, in many ways similar to the Asian or African, whatever you prefer. Since his birth the child stays with his parents all the time, literally in their hands. Parents and child become something whole, perceiving the world through the eyes of each other. They mutually teach each other of ANOTHER way of life, since an adult, constantly staying with the child, gradually loses his husk of social stereotypes, and the child growing up in a state of reliable security, learns and creates his own world without restrictions and limitations. If we are not ready to let go of each other, at least we can effectively learn to live through each other.

Children teach adults of life no less, and certainly more effective. The main thing is that adults did not resist. Otherwise children also begin to live IN SPITE.

The first results of European educational experiment are already visible: today new generation of kids growing up. They are trusting, open to the world, perceiving the world as completely their own. Their parents are also less neurotic. I wonder, when it`s their time to read Kipling or Daniel Defoe, exactly what will they make of these books?

The principle «external = internal» was present in Simoron all the time. But right now it took, what seems to me, the main line.

Really, all we`ve always been doing in Simoron School was building our own sympathetic world by using different methods: renaming, creating author projects, “HOTTABYCH”. But these were the “external” manifestations of our authorship: someone or something outside was responsible for our inner peace of mind.

Now, by the very nature of the SYMPATHIZING of a space, we simply create SIMORON PATENT (SIMPAT-ICO) for AUTHORSHIP. Whatever and however it may be, it does not fit into a fetish, or any other kind of a pattern, but just reminds us that we should just BE.

The principle «external = internal» was originally included in the way of sympathizing the space: no loopholes for the rational notions and socially desirable labels. The very first step is:” Let go of your hand, your thoughts and desires, let your natural essence to draw your SYMPATHETIC image»(SYMPAT-ICO), and it will stop you from slipping into endless internal dialogue. After that there is no one else responsible, except you, the AUTHOR, for drawing this image and then life itself ANEW.

And if your experience still keeps you back and you are still bumping into corners, don`t fall into despair, go ahead, take action. Because SIMORON is practice, it`s practice of LIFE. Someday, one beautiful moment you will find yourself soaring through the life and won`t be surprised by that. It`s so easy!

Anastasiya Kulebyaka,

year 2004

There is nothing to add to the perfect, there is nothing to take away

I am writing not because someone needs it. Nobody needs anything. I do not contest the almighty, the perfect, which everyone of us in fact is. There is nothing to add to the perfect, there is nothing to take away. Who am I to encroach on the whole, filled to the brim? Nobody can give anything to anyone. It`s impossible to add something to the whole. I am writing because the warm breeze is blowing through my window. I am writing just because it is exactly right time and place to do so:).

From the LIKE THAT life:

Somewhere, where the wings should be, remained faith and unshakable feeling that the world is large, beautiful and amazing. Somewhere deep in the heart, there always was and still is a premonition of timeless joy of being. But the life itself showed different …

I`ve been looking. Wherever it`s possible. Peering into people’s heads, books, homes. I`ve been looking carefully, trust me. Looking intently, eating into it. And the closer, as it seemed to me, happiness was, the more destructive was the aftertaste. Tormented body, aching soul, crazy Morse code h-o-m-e, h-o-m-e.

…The End of the life LIKE THAT:

The copy of Simoron book came into my hands the very next night. Dang this Simoron! What is it? Isn`t it just another B.S? But I kept reading. The wings have not grown, the heartache didn`t stop, but I saw that my nervous and devastating my whole life night, was tearing apart like an old and flimsy cloth. It was tearing with a roar of laughter. Walls were shaking from laughter. Horror rattled, fear melted away before my eyes. Back then I was laughing, because of simpatico, something like «a vacuum cleaner with hair in curlers.» Now it`s as easy as one-two-three.

After about ten workshops with the Simoron authors, I managed to get a little glimpse about the concept of the system. Three years have passed. And I began a long and painful climb to the mountain named Simoron. With falls, digging self down, instillation, self-locking, and all other stuff. Friends? Some were hanging by my side, some were not. Some stayed, some fell and some continue to fall. Some are neck-to-neck with me. It seems, several lives have passed.

It`s been six years now. I’m just starting ascension to the Simoron track. I already start feeling its musical multicolorness.

Simoron is not the means of problem solving. It’s different. Let`s take a mitten. Imagine that all the problems are located on the outside of the mitten as pieces of ice. You are trying to brush them off, but they stick even more. So, Simoron turns you inside out. Icicles are melting inside. That’s it.

It is difficult to wriggle out of it. It is difficult because the habit to solve problems gets embedded in you, it gets in the sub cortex, it becomes conveyor. I think that scientists will soon find the part of human body that solves the problems — some kind of corpus callosum, standing on guard.

So, back to the beginning.

I am whole, I am complete, I have everything in me. I’m full of myself, I don`t need anything else. I dally in the Universe in perfect health, in sober mind, in gracious mood, fully confident of my enduring excellence, in fearlessness and serenity, in my natural existence.

And then it dawns on me. Rather it Earthens on me. I am offered to play duality. Garmon stretched and the world spread out. Right hand, left hand, right bank, left bank. I walk between them, endlessly trample time. Time is a distance between the two sides (points, worlds, genders, colors, …, …, ….).

How to become human, if you’re whole and complete? One needs to discard the rest of the entire set of omnipotence. I discard. But since I can not lose my integrity as a matter of principle, I immediately start to replenish myself, compensate for the missing. If I am a woman, I`m looking for a man. If I’m cold, I am looking for warmth. If …… I am compensating, keep building, but it doesn`t take root, doesn`t bring happiness, doesn`t satisfy. I keep walking again and again, forward, faster, more thoroughly, more carefully. I get tired, I fall, I rest, I get up again, and again and finally at the end I fall for a long time.

In order to complete this music, one needs to understand that all life is a continuous compensation. And do not engage in compensation. I’m hungry — compensation. I want to sleep — compensation. I want money — compensation. I want not to want — compensation. I want not to be fixated — compensation. I want to solve the problem using Simoron — compensation. All that is compensating does not fit, it falls off me. It makes me want to run further.

In order to end this music, it is necessary to see and understand that compensation does not work, it does not make me happier. And most importantly – to give up the compensatatory way of life. No matter how bad I want to become somebody or to go somewhere — I do not give in to the compensating wish to buy a ticket. I perform outrun and … either I go or not, I understand that I don`t need to go there. Suppose, I want to get married. I do outrun of events and of myself in my desire and then I either get married or not (not at all, or get married to another person, or … whatever you like). Everything human becomes not a pain, not suffering, not thirst, not hankering, but a large, beautiful and amazing world instead. The world, where there are no wives and no husbands, no dreams, no money, but there is goodness in everything that they referred to as a wife or husband, dreams or money. Or goodness in the absence of all of the above. There is fullness, confidence, serenity, joy. There is a precise knowledge and vision of the world — infinitely kind, bright, safe, great, interesting, diverse, perfect. In everything. Everywhere. There are no wars, and no peace. There is no bad weather or good. There is goodness and happiness in everything that is in tune with that part of you that lives with integrity. War is not approaching, and death doesn`t touch, because you can see the essence of it, you can see the obviousness of the omnipotence and security, contentment and independence of any kind of events or acts, prices, markets or politicians. Even death does`t touch — it’s just the rustling of pages (death does not touch anyone, if someone doesn`t touch it :-)). He, who is tired and wants to go Home, finds refuge in you. He, who still hustles and bustles, just runs by with a smile, waving his hand and disappears into his thirst. The world of things becomes beautiful and colorful background, just a toy from which you not only independent, but also bring in your creativity, your joy to everything that is in tune, in harmony with you and is ready to cooperate.

Let`s say, I decided to rise to a Track of Soaring. First thing I should do is to break the habit of suffering. In what way? Constantly realizing, whether I am waiting for something or whether, expecting something, whether I am in shock, whether I would like to buy something, improve something in my life or I can`t even want anything right now because I am beaten up by circumstances, I am overwhelmed, it takes away my ability to hope, to believe in the best future, to dream. If one has a desire or many desires at once (does not matter), if one has an unfulfilled desire that would not seem realistic at all, then one should perform the outrunning operation.

Example. I want to write in detail and clearly about myself and Simoron. I want everything to be clear, understandable and useful. I want to see happy simoron faces. Happy smiling faces of my loved ones, family, friends, relatives. Those who are far away and those who are not around.

My desire of all mentioned above is based on a skewer or rotisserie rod. It`s been strung on a rod. Let’s get rid of the rod, and whatever is strung on it, is not so important. Remove the core, everything will go away. Even something I do not remember now.

I cast a glance at any subject. A green mug of tea on my right is half-full. (I transfer my desire to it and tell all I would like to happen with a mug or whatever, in my personal opinion, mug would like to happen to it).

They wash the mug. Rinse it with super solution which repels odors. Cover it with special gel. They buy beautiful, unbreakable, self-ventilated, (with integrated air-conditioning) case for the mug. At night mug blooms and smells while no one is looking. And in the mornings it changes its color (it became magic.) It also makes noise. (Well, seems to be nothing more to say, but this ole wanting still sitting inside, so I continue.) Mug grew another ear, they bought saucer to keep it company and now they chat together during the long winter evenings. They also decided to travel, so they were given to a traveler and now they go with him to exotic places. They are sitting on a palm tree and showing their cool «hips», their beautiful shapes to the local monkey.
They even let her touch the edge and the pattern. They teach her how to change color and now, after visiting her country, there is a new kind of monkeys appeared, monkeys that are able to change their color. (Looks like that`s all… but no, still not enough, so I keep going). The mug becomes simoronaut and automatically passes “Simoron touch” to everyone who drinks from it, even everyone who touches it. And anyway, at night mug turns to a light night breeze, that moves around and soothes all the crying babies, sobbing girls, howling dogs and the like. It also straightens up trash cans and collects garbage in the minds of sleeping people. It cleans boots and weaves simoron lace on the branches of trees. That`s it! Here is my simpatico — Lace on the branches of night trees.

And what about my problem, you ask? And the problem — it’s just the visible decoration which helps me to see my position off the Track. What’s the difference what I want. The main thing is that I see what I Want Now. That is, I am seeking compensation that would have made it ​​up to me. But this is an illusion. The illusion is that I need this compensation.

Example of Don`t Want. Let`s say, I understand that one way or another I have to go to work tomorrow. And I do not want to go to work. I can not even think about anything else: TOMORROW I have to go to work… But I don`t feel like it.

I take any object and transfer my “don`t want” to it. Here is a calendar for 2007, very nice one. I don`t want this happen to it, but it`s happening. It doesn`t want this happen to it, but it`s happening. It`s getting old, the color of the print is fading. Year is running to an end, it got tossed in a drawer, it lays there, collects dust, it is bored, it feels of being unwanted, gets sick and deteriorates even further. The tips are bent, wrinkles are everywhere. It’s suffering and gets thrown in trash. Paper soaks with moisture, it rots, grows moldy. Some scrap remains mixed with dirt and all sorts of other garbage. This gross is weighed down by garbage and ground. Mice chew on it, cockroaches poop on it:)). (It seems to be funny, but my problem is still there). Cockroaches not only poop there … but also spit on these remnants of the former calendar and … poke it with whiskers, making hole in it. OK. I need some more … Cockroaches bring beetles and they crush the remnants with their jaws. Bite with their jaws, eat cotton away. They laugh at these papers and they somersault, vile animals :))). That’s enough. My simpatico is “somersaulting beetle with big laughing eyes and claws”. (The story can be accompanied by exhibiting objects.)

All my “don’t want” outruns are terribly funny. It’s just great.

It doesn’t matter what subject to take. It doesn’t matter what I am working with. First with a mug, then with a saucer — it’s all decorations. The most important thing is to keep the tendency strictly one-way. If we do “I want” outrun, keep it to the end. Do not mix them. Kind of, the mug became magic, but then neighbor came and broke it. Or. Yes, they tossed old calendar in a drawer, calendar stayed there for a while, then along came neighbor, felt sorry for it, took it home, and put it on the wall instead of picture. You can`t do it this way. If we are positive, then we are positive to the end, if negative — then we are negative to the end. Sometimes it happens that the tendency is chosen incorrectly. If you are a “don`t want” type, but you chose “want”, positive development doesn`t work, you just don`t believe in best. Then start over again in the desired direction. Sometimes, of course, it happens that after negative here comes positive. Or vice versa. Then we go with the flow. Do everything that carries you away. Human being is full of games.

Sometimes the situation is such that I don`t know, whether I am “want” or “don`t want” type, then there are clues. I look at any object and ask myself whether I want to improve it or I see that I don`t have any desire to improve something, then I am a “don`t want” type. (An interesting point — if you’re on the Track of Soaring, there is no desire to improve anything. Everything is already good and you immediatly see the simpatico in the subject, it`s simoron essence, that is, you immediately transmit image of the different one).

You can also tell your problem to your relative or a friend and ask him to follow your story. Make sure to express your problem, whether you want something or you are sick and tired of something and you want it to stop, but it is still going on.

If after that you still have hard time understanding who you are, then, as Petra says, this means that Dekosha (deconcentrated part of you) is unleashed and prevents the clarity of perception so much, that you don`t understand. Thoughts are very hazy, all mixed up. Then you can outrun Dekosha. It is enough to describe Dekosha up to exhaustion the way you imagine him, and show it all on different subjects until you finish its full description.

Now let me try to describe my Dekosha. So… Dekosha: It looks like a bear, the wooly one. Looking rusty, with knots. He is tying bows on his ears very slowly and sloppy. It doesn`t work very well at all. His paws are heavy; he is very awkward. Bows are nice, but they are falling all the time. He is tying them again, gets tired, he puts his paws down, bows falling out. I don`t give him anything, I don`t compensate. I am showing and describing what’s going to be the end of this outrunning story: bows are scattered, paws are crooked. He is lying there, grumbling, mumbling, growling, fussing about it, spitting, banging the floor with his paws, falling through the floor, flying upside down, yelling” Ouchy! Ouchy! Ouchy!”. He reaches the first floor like a mouse. His ears are laid back; he is snowed under the dust. Dust flies around through the window opening, it lights up and started dancing waltz slowly, floating in the air. All of it I exhibit with the help of different subjects, as I speak. I play it back all together at the end (showing to the pile of objects, how it looks like with the help of my body and sound the best I can.)

In principle, it is possible to do “playing” outrun. For example, I want very much Yan to understand everything in Simoron, to stop reaching goals and to become a real simoronaut, like «Wow!» I exhibit with the help of subjects everything I want from this situation. Well… Here sits Yan. Everything has settled in his mind, convolutions are lined up along the simoron shelves (I exhibit all that with the help of subjects). He himself now tells all about Simoron to others. All his problems were settled, (half of them disappeared by themselves and the other half was resolved without his direct participation). Yan now flies around Moscow, flipping wings as a butterfly, he is happy, well-fed, handsome, calm, confident. There is a long line consisting of grannies and grandpas, their grandkids and young girls lining up to get his advice and to Simoron themselves. His name becomes the embodiment of Simoron in Moscow.

Multimillion city knows its educator in face. They build big house at the highest point of Moscow for Yan. Not a house, but a palace. All kinds of business stop in Moscow, city is snow- bound. Here comes out sun and shines day and night in order to see and hear our beloved Yan, the great one and wise one. And even the birds, flying from North to South and back over Moscow, begin to hear our friend and tweet Yasny (Simoron Language). All Moscow, together with the coordinators and simoronouts begins speaking Yasny. Moscow changes and becomes a center of Simoron in the Universe. Rays emanate from it and the great simoron stories go in centuries. Moscow gets renamed as Yansk. They decorate it with ribbons, lights and flounces. Geese and ducks swim along the flounces, they gaggle and preen their feathers. That`s all…

I prefer to use “mirrors” (calendar, mug) when doing outrun. This way I don`t get lost. Although, if one wants to see his triumph or decline really bad, then, by using objects, he can easely unload himself. Precisely- to unload. Sorry, but he needs to puke, to belch this garbage named «want-don`t want.» There is a peak in every self-outrun. One has to pass it, don`t stop at it (first it`s like spasm in your throat, then relief, then peace and rest). When I just start doing self-outrun, it seems that nothing can help me in this life, but the outrun road is gradually being paved, it winds and in the long run leads me to the liberation (load has been taken off my mind), it helps a lot, everything falls into place and life is getting better. It is important to unload. Stop living with poison inside.

And also …The point is not to outrun more problems (to unload both external and internal garbage), but to stay in a state of lack of desires, in a state of outside of desires. That is, the first outrun carries you to the Track of Soaring. The second outrun also carries you to the same Track of Soaring. If you lost your Track and want something again, do outrun again and return to the Track of Soaring. It is not necessarily to outrun all the problems, what is important — to get taste of the DIFFERENT LIFE. And the better taste you develop to it, the less you are carried away from it. We need to get used to not solve the problem and achieve goals, but to achieve state of outside of goals and desires. Then everything comes to our life. Everything and at once. But one by one problems are not solved. Because in reality there is only one problem and it is inside of us. We can solve one life problem, but then another problem will come, even bigger than the first one. There is no end to it until problems eventually bury us. It is therefore important to understand the point — simoron outruns are not for solving problems, but for getting to a Track of Soaring (and only this works). If the glass in your window breaks, Simoron cannot stick pieces together with its magic. It is necessary to call service and get the new glass. And, of course, I need to do outrun. Because I, for example, am dying to fix the glass. It`s cool! I`ve never done it before. But I may get hurt when doing that. What if I do it together with the maitenance guy, talk to him heart to heart, maybe have some tea and get a new friend? Who knows what simoron potential is hidden there ;). All the more so, the real handyman is not outside, but inside of me.

Simoron is not a set of techniques, but the way of life.

There are no techniques in Simoron (again, I may disappoint somebody :)). The Burlans, authors of Simoron, are Track of Soaring people themselves, and they tried to split into pieces their Track in order to help others. (There is one guy in Gorlovka, where I am from, who has no idea that he is from Track and is indeed simoronaut by birth). He says, “you know, I am a simple country guy, I have no idea what you all talking about, but I love coming here, to the seminars, because I get really well what you all doing over here. It`s OK. But I would never be able to translate it to the human language as well as you got it in Simoron. What you are doing here, is absolutely impossible, to my humble mind.”

OK. Let`s talk the languige of a user: all the techniques here serve one purpose only: get to the Track of Soaring and stay there. Life is diverse, its inhabitants are diverse. Who prefers to use this or another technique is situational business. Every person has his/her own game combination and Simoron provides the key to its resolution by offering some trusted methods that worked for one or the other simoronaut.

Here is an example. Everything is beautiful, I get to the store to buy some chocolate. All of a sudden, here kicks off a signal:” Stop! How am I going to look like, walking down the street, munching on the chocolate? It`s hot now, chocolate will melt, it will be all over my fingers, I will be licking it off.” And in a split of a second, spontaneously the outrun operation turns on. HALF-OF-A SECOND: chocolate-is running-down -my –hands-down-my knees-I am -all –in- chocolate-people-are-looking-at-me-pointing-their-fingers-at-me-my-neighbor`s-dog-is-laughing-at-me-he-is-pointing-his paw- at-me-I-am-running-away-from-everybody-to-the-bus-I`d like-to hide-under-the seat-and-suddenly-the bus-turns-its face to me (like it`s made out of modeling clay), it bends like it`s alive, shines its headlights in my face and says:” Marina, really, how do you look like?” Imagine? I am not just snickering; I am cracking with laughter. People are looking at me, some are smiling. Nobody is pointing finger at me (I wouldn`t care if they did), because my laughter is sincere.

Another example. I`ve just seen my friend off to the train. I am riding the bus and I am sad. I understand that it`s not that he has left upsets me (he will be back soon), but I`ve been touched by something global-human: lossess, separation, parting, sadness, bygone. At this time, we are passing tall buildings and I begin “bitter” outrun. Houses are falling apart, everybody is down, death, emptiness, explosions. It`s raining, it`s foggy, no sun for almost a year, dreary, someone is trying to make out the debris, but it is impossible, there is emptiness around, tears, death, corpses. They made a monument out of debris. It was also destroyed. Everybody who was buried here, get up at night and fly to neighboring homes, evoke sadness and melancholy, they howl. Corpses get together in groups, but they are still sad although they howl like modern rappers. They shuffle their skeleton, bones, scratch their coffins, therefore coffins become sad too, and they also howl like rappers. That’s all, now it`s funny, I am fed up! My simpatico is: coffins are dancing and singing rap and dancing skeletons in the background. After this kind of an outrun my sadness was completely gone. All of a sudden I decided to get 2 Kg of oranges and visit my old friend. We had very nice time together, we talked and listen to music. It was so peaceful and calm feeling.

Anyway, outruns don`t lead to the resolution of a problem, but to such turn of events when there are no problematic situations at all, but instead, there is something really new, interesting, DIFFERENT. It`s important to understand: no matter what situation is-I don`t care, my business is to get to the Track of Soaring.

Let those who are interested in fighting problems, fight them. Specially it concerns relatives and members of the family. My task is not for my loved one to get well (or from the Track of Soaring to see the best cure in the world), but to return to the Track of Soaring where maybe, or rather, for sure he wouldn`t need the cure at all. And only this is important. Even if he is strict player of the earthly game and is getting ready to leave this life, moreover I have to get to the Track of Soaring.

So, Simoron is not a set of techniques, but the way of life, the way of being. Those who seek to reach some goals, may think that Simoron has some methods or techniques. This view is superficial.

What does Track of Soaring actually give you? It gives the extension. I figuratively see that as you are covering all your living space and nothing bad or terrible could ever happen to you, unless you start narrowing yourself to the local situation, some problem or a person, or group of people. As soon as there is an object of concern or worry, for example, I left my house door unlocked, narrowing happens immediately. I am staying at some other place and worry, — goodbye Track of Soaring. All my energy is wasted on worries, thinking, doubts. At this point you just don`t have any more energy, power or attention for other situations and you can`t act efficiently. At this time, you don`t have the accuracy of making decisions, your clarity of vision is blocked (but the world is not waiting, you can`t stop the reel of life`s film). At this time the house of cards is falling. When I am back to the Track of Soaring, I immediately see the decision as to that door, should I go back and lock it, or I have clear undertanding that nothing bad will happen. And usually you forget about the door, but instead something else comes into being, something that right now is the most precise action, like maybe going and see new movie.

One person`s Track of Soaring creates whole field for all beings. And you don`t really know how and whom you have helped with your presence. This is the best, the most powerful help. It is complete revolution in our conscience and perception of the world.

Marina Chebotova

January, 2007

Track of Soaring

Don’t you, all young and smart, know anything better than to whine and look at life from the height of your disdain? And to waste the best time of your life, not even trying to find the way out! Think how boring and painful it is.

K. Paustovsky.

We often complain about boredom and uninteresting life. We are not happy with many things in our life, if not with everything. Everybody has long list of such. Then, when we stymie, we try to get out of the situation or particular circumstances of our life in one way or the other. Sometimes we succeed. With difficulties, with huge effort, overcoming obstacles. But … Here comes a new wave, followed by another and another … The repetition is inevitable. As soon as one game ends, another game begins. And it all lasts untill the end of the game called this “earthly life”.

We want to be the strongest, the most intelligent, the healthiest, the most talented in all games of life …We constantly strive to imitate someone, to be someone, we try to «live life» from the ethereal ideal that society imposed on us over the years, from our upbringing, from our family, our peers, art, etc. If, despite of it all, we still manage to achieve some success, we «go up the stands» and begin to be «inimitable», «unique», in short, the most-the most …

We play game, very well-known since childhood — «Mirror, mirror, tell me …». But this doesn`t last long either. Here come new ideals, new heights to achieve, otherwise we are not going to be understood, we won`t be accepted by others into more prestigious, but still –a game. It doesn`t matter what area of life or activity it has to do. Everywhere the principle remains the same. As time passes, we remember with sadness our dream of childhood or youthful dream, that remained unrealized. And such a deep sadness sets in, that we are almost ready for the noose …

Ideals disappoint, authorities happen to be phony, conquered heights- false, not worth a brass farthing. All this hustle and bustle, parties, some artificial fascinations, disappointments, seeming ascensions and very painful downfalls.

But can we do without all this nonsense ? One day we take a deep breath, pull ourselves together and say: “Enough is enough!”- and we begin to take action.

When student is ready, here comes teacher

I was on the way to Simoron for many years. These were years of various apprenticeship, searching, testing and making mistakes, reading and studying incredible amount of literature. Some findings were interesting; some even went into practice. But I felt like I was lacking some “zest”, some integrity, generalization, if you will, artistry and refinement, and maybe, even some absurdity. Because the inner being that lives in all of us, for some reason rather, didn`t want to obey the abstruse truths someone imposes on us, to perform long and grueling exercises in order to develop something trans marginal and promising once umpteenth result.

And so, in December of 1999 we had our first meeting with the Burlans. Maybe, the rumors about their school (the»wizards») attracted my attention- and I remembered the unrealized dream from my childhood, which was imprinted on an old school photo: I’m dressed as a clown at the New Year’s party. Maybe, the fact that it was promised to have a lot of different games with disguise and transformation, and that we had to make a rag doll, looking like yourself, necessarily with our own hands. Maybe it was what we call intuition. Who knows …

Then at those first trainings I was amazed by the ways that were proposed to solve life problems, without being drawn into different life`s games. Techniques rather resembled the street buffoons, farcical theater (incidentally, also my unfulfilled dream). I liked it. And I began to apply the tricks I learned from Petra and Pyotr. The originated names were so strange (Pretzel, for example), weird suggestions (like, to relieve headache, you should attach empty pack of cigarettes to the left hand … And it helped!). Gradually I came to realization and feeling that I was responsable for everything that was happening to me.

Something began to change in my life. I felt more comfortable, safer, many problems were resolved as if by themselves, with no visible involvement and intervention. People around me, friends and family also started noticing some interesting things happening in their life. And without any special effort on my part. Eventually I began to teach Simoron techniques, and as it turned out later, the Simoron way of life, other people.

Kyiv, June 2001

Every summer the founders of the system Petra and Pyotr Burlan hold large training seminars in Kiev, which attract people from everywhere. But this year the geography was the broadest ever: near abroad (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Cherepovets, Tver, Beltsy, Vilnius, Bishkek, Tashkent, …) and far abroad (Canada, the Netherlands, Italy, USA, Germany), representatives from almost all regional centers of Ukraine.

The interest to system is understandable. It helps person to define his/her natural norm of behavior, health, helps learn to leave the problem space and never enter it again. Participants` problems immediately started to get solved by themselves. People learned about it when they called back home. Internal changes occurred with everybody right in front of us.

Here is one of the simplest techniques. Starting from our own or someone else’s problem, one has to realize that he/she is the reason of it: I am pain of this person, I am doubt, I am worries, I am disease, etc. And then to portray all of it: how it may look, how it may feel, how it may be seen. After that comes something that in Simoron is called game completion state: one no longer wants to play in problems that were portrayed, that were pictured.

By getting rid step-by-step of such stereotypes, we get to the path of Track of Soaring — the way of unhindered, smooth, creative self-realization in any area: from cooking borsch, to great scientific discoveries, writing inspirational poetry or composing music …

Just a few days later almost all of the workshop participants talked about the life in a new way, based on the simoron concept: I am the Author of my biography … This way the system gradually leads person out of the long-term dependence on the surrounding circumstances.

Create your own world

One of the classes Petra began with the statement: «We create the world, not recreate it.» This is one of the Burlan`s secrets. Nothing prepared in advance will work here. This is pure creation in progress, while performing one of the simoron methods.

You should have seen faces of participants, who were composing «movie scripts», which the venerable Hollywood scriptwriters might well envy. People allowed themselves to unleash something that stayed inside of them unclaimed and unrealized for decades. And when the verbal story was replaced by verbal melodic dance pattern (ie, expended abilities of movement on the Track of Soaring), the participants were hard to recognize.

However, I was perplexed in times: is it really me? Yesterday I couldn`t even think about something like that … I am, so and so, have a well-defined social status in society, all of a sudden dancing unimaginable, strange dance in front of dozens of strangers and I don’t feel the internal ban, don`t look back. I am not afraid of what they may say or think about me.

While on the Track (of soaring), we can create any circumstances of life. When seminar participants learned this truth very well, the Burlans offered them to build the earthly playground anew. It is peculiar three-dimensional model in which, according to the Simoron theory, the worlds of minerals, plants, and animals exist. By using special game languages, that correspond to each level, anyone can reach an agreement with them about cooperation, and reach comfortable level of health, safety, mental balance, etc. for himself. Reach, strengthen and stay in this state, known as the game completion state.

For example, the audience enthusiastically worked with the world of stones. They felt the problems of a specimen, tried to understand the inner game processes that were going on in it, and to lead stone out of its adventures, to show that the simoron’s beginning is inherent in it too. Mineral responded with consonance, and both of them- stone and its operator — together, «mountain climbing » like, ascended to the Track of Soaring with the new potential of self-discovery, based on the entirely different principles of sensing self in the world and the world in self.

Simoron once again reminded that all beings in the world are equal in the prospectives of their creative realization.


Numerous simoron techniques convince us that we create, model everything out of ourselves. This happens at all levels of the three-dimensional world- in the realms of minerals, plants, animals …

So, does it mean that this world, and the cognition of it come to an end? Not at all! We were always interested to find out what was there, beyond of it. This is not the concrete constructional everyday world (CON), but deconstructed, dematerialized reality (DECON). The next stage of the system is dedicated to its study. The Burlans smoothly lead their listeners to the border between these worlds and offer to easely, effortlessly master the possibilities of its conscious transition.

Typical feature of the “otherworldly” world, according to the Burlans, is that whatever happens here, in our reality, also happens “over there” at the same time. By getting to know that “over there”, we find the firm ground under our feet here, and get rid of the fear of death.

All participants of the workshop unanimously agreed that they gained inner confidence, strength, peace of mind and comfort. It feels like new horizons of life suddenly open. Everything around is perceived as some kind of a piece of the Great and Eternal that we are so used to talk about, sitting at the kitchen table or doing various esoteric teachings and practices.

But perhaps the biggest impression was made by the so-called traveling to playing grounds of the “over there” world, mainly inhabited by people departed from the physical life.

Here are two examples from my diary which I kept during workshop. At one of the sites I saw my father. Over there he was conductor of a huge (seemed a few thousand people) Symphony Orchestra. He was standing behind the board dressed in a tailcoat. And I felt like a baton in his hand. I was helping him to manage musicians. I was like talking to him through the baton, wondering why he was stuck over there, why didn`t he move on … He answered me with laughter: “We haven`t finished playing yet”. But we’ll see… We`ll see …

Later came an explanation of what I saw. Father, as I remember, has always dreamed of playing a musical instrument. He even had balalaika at home. Strummed on it pretty well, so it seemed to me. Having finished up his life in this incarnation, he was «out there» doing something he couldn`t realize over here.

Second story. My late friend was film director “over there”, (he was film director in this life too). He was making an epochal movie with a huge crowd of extras. I was a film strip for this movie. I was like capturing all the moments, absorbing them. Then I have been, as they say, developed by stretching me out through the flower … field. Show it on the screen. But whatever was on the film was not what we shot, I just know it. And the first frame: my friend and I are standing in an embrace. And the title in large letters – “You got it!”

I don`t know … Maybe, because it is impossible to fully understand everything. I asked Petra and Pyotr Burlan for comments.


-Nine day long Simoron training came to an end. Judging by the reaction of the audience, people who had first encountered your school as well as those who had some experience and/or are involved in training, have never participated in the training that powerful.

Petra: It`s always like that. At the end of training people realize that they are filled with something unusual, that something extraordinary happened.

— Something happened in what sense?

Petra: Physically and spiritually. There is a change in people`s minds and in their existence. I know that many people are not even aware of where they were and why. But it`s just a matter of time, when impression goes away, and understanding sets in. Because the audience is always very mixed. There are people who know exactly what they need from Simoron, what they see in it, and what they will learn. They come here purposefully, with some goals, with a desire to somehow reach them. There is some consumerism behind it, but it`s honest. There are also «simoronavts by law» for which our system is a confirmation of their own observations and findings. And finally, there are people completely random: they are here out of curiosity … and they stayed here, although they had absolutely no idea where they were going and why. This case is by far the most troublesome for us, but very exciting for them: the sharpness and freshness of change always beckons.

— You showed in the full version of Simoron 2001 the integrity that system got at the present moment. In contrast to the other systems (which is, by the way, very nice!) Simoron is a mobile system, mobile and self-developing. If to go back and recall how all it started 13 years ago…? What is left of the old Simoron in this, modern one?

Petra: The main thing — the idea.

— And what is the main idea of Simoron?

Petra: The main idea is that I am the projector of all things. I am the author of everything around me. This idea stayed. It has always been there. You see, methods changed, but the idea has always been the same.

Pyotr: Just thirteen years ago we started from the fact that at the core of every person there is a certain, shall we say, creative beginning that controls his life and personality as well as all surrounding circumstances. This beginning requires the way out. If you find a way to give it way out by the shortest route, it changes the whole life of a person … He no longer lives life of a discrete being, stumbling all the time at the obstacles and moving between two points: point A, from which he came into being, and point B, to which he aspires, and which would lead him out of existence. After all, human life consists mainly of this movement between points A and B. We are trying from the very first day to restore that natural feeling in a person, feeling which says that he is not present in some locations and not between them, but in the whole universe in whichever way this presence is manifested: in its momentary existence or eternal, infinite life in time and space. Give person a chance to feel his all-around presence, teach him how to manage this phenomenon is our goal. In fact, we are implementing this goal from the very first day. In this regard, the system has not changed.

— But the system has undergone so many different, let`s say, technical changes. It becomes easier, more refined, more accessible. Do you think this is a period or…?

Petra: The beginning. You see, it’s the way of life for us. And what will be added to the image on the next day or which elements will evolve on another day- we don’t know. Today. But here comes tomorrow, and we know again.

Pyotr: If until now we have considered different ways to achieve these goals, then now we managed to build some kind of a fairway, the line by which the program is carried out automatically, if to move systemically down the proposed track. When the car is not poking into all corners and turns, getting stuck at each of them, but starts moving continuously along its track, it discovers huge opportunities that have not yet been identified because of the fact that the car was engaged only into looking for a way out. When there is no more need to look for the way out, it appears that it is possible to use this track not as expected in the beginning. It seems that the road our car is moving down has been probed more or less accurate. The task in the future will be not to look for new twists to the system, but to discover new reserves and possibilities on the already found track, so that the system is enriched from within. That is, the road down which the car was traveling, suddenly turns into… runway for a plane or channel for a sailing ship. So, in that sense we say, new perspective opens up — to develop, to deepen the system. If before it was meant to be a way to solve problems, to improve one`s current life, then now it means a lot more … In fact, the system is becoming one of the short ways to answer the millennial questions of humanity. Practical answers to the questions …

Simoron`s track. Track of Soaring. How many people have already passed, driven, flown down it?

Pyotr: Thousands of people … Nobody counted exactly. Hundreds attend our school in Kyiv annually, hundreds, thousands are also involved in the branches and on-site seminars… People already know about Simoron, they become involved in it around the world …

— What is the secret of the system`s popularity and its growth? After all, in our time, it is not easy to win recognition.

Petra: You can`t win recognition. After all, what is recognition? It`s recognizing of yourself in somebody else: someone said well about something you have long guessed yourself. And we have it very simple: we developed way of life that somehow became interesting to others. That’s all.

Pyotr: Probably because we are talking about the most important thing, that many systems do not talk- about the gaming nature of a human. Something, that Shakespeare said years ago: “whole world is the theater and people are actors”. Based on this actorship, we are appealing to that part of a person`s nature that stands behind his make-up and decoration and which is felt by everybody … Everybody plays some kind of role in this world. So, the removal of role restrictions, exposure of that kind of natural beginning, that stands behind of any role — all of it intuitively, even instinctively is taken by our students as their natural need. If not to tell a person that he plays a role, he will think that this role is the main content of his life. If to tell him that, he will say: ”What a dummy I was! I didn`t see that!” And then he will realize how easy it is to take the mask off. Polish satirist S.E. Lets once said: «How many masks has a person to put on, so that he wouldn`t feel when he is beaten in the face!» So, when all the masks are removed and when a person is exposed, it turns out that it is impossible to hit him. Because they only beat at masks. Just because one is wearing mask. Just because there is a mask. Just to get to the face. But the person who is open, who is exposing all of the natural connection with his nature doesn’t need to hide his face behind masks. He discovers that he is not under attack at all …

Petra: Moreover, we offer to do this on their own, without any intervention, without pressure or influence on the part of the teacher (although they often ask us to do so). That is, everything happens by itself, easily, freely, smoothly, naturally and it fits right into the mode of a person`s existence.

Pyotr: He doesn`t need to meditate, chew grasshoppers, stay in the monastery or stand on his head for half of a day… He’s just living his natural life and suddenly discovers that it is possible to live differently, that by taking off his role limitations, under the same usual circumstances, he suddenly starts to win, not to lose. It amazes him because everything is so simple — like a breath of fresh air. Perhaps that`s why this system attracts the most people.

— Well, what about so popular nowadays concepts of «karma», «destiny», «theory of fear» …

Pyotr: These views kind of decorate the reality, showing it in a certain section, from a certain angle. And a person moves from this angle … It turns out, not only he is closed from the reality by his stereotypes and masks, he has to add another kind of mask, another kind of gaming device, which supposedly promised him that in the end of the way he will take everything off and will open himself up. But in reality he closes himself from life even more. Because those views that you mentioned are invented in human society, those views are originated not by nature, but precisely from the gaming circumstances person puts himself in. It looks like one game inside the other. Game in a cube. And it’s endless. And a person can’t get out of this prison. And eventually he leaves this life, not knowing why he came here …

— So what is Simoron? Playing psychological training, game, practice, esoteric school, the school of wizards, lifestyle after all?

Pyotr: Lifestyle.

— Based on …

Pyotr: Finding the way out of all kinds of games. Being free from gaming addiction.

Petra: It turns out that we are not just involved in the game, we depend on it. We are so incorporated into it, so much embedded, that it creates an illusion that it controls us. So that`s what happens. People live being controlled by their own creation. Illusion driven by another illusion. Reflected by the mirror. It would seem obvious, but not so obvious to the most people. And it is not enough just to show it to people. We have to show how to get out of this apparent dependence. That`s why we are always looking for ways more refined and simple that would help at least those who want it.

Pyotr: In this sense Simoron, of course, is closer to the category of the playing psychological training. Although we do not train people, we untrain them. We free them from the need of training in order to achieve some result. And here we are kind of going in line with the old esoteric tradition, that sounds, as far as I remember, like this: one thorn is removed by another thorn and then both are discarded. In this case, in order to direct people out of the game, we show them a game where they unveil the futility of their everyday games. Person gets involved in a laboratory game environment which abolishes similar life game. He/she becomes a player who does not pursue any goals other than to get out of their everyday games. By playing, we become free from the games. And then it turns out that, in general, there is no need in game. You live a normal life of a normal free being.

Sergei Durashkin.


Remember Dostoevsky: «Human is a mystery. It needs to be solved, and if it takes all life, don`t say that time was wasted … » These words were said long time ago, but who has solved the mystery of a human? Where are his roots? What is the phenomenon of a human? And what is a phenomenon in human: are unusual deviations in his nature accidental or natural? Who are they, phenomenal people, capable of storing huge amount of information, move things by just looking at them, be able to see with their eyes closed? What is this? Mistake of nature?

While trying to get to the bottom of it, scientists took first step to study the brains of deceased talents. Alas, the «intelligent» content did not reveal the secret of geniuses, but rather puzzled: Gyri of the «great» people are not biologically different from those inside of skulls of ordinary mortals. But it was possible («accident is god of inventor!) to declassify the “block of genius » — the area in the right temporal lobe of the brain. If to turn it off (with help of scalpel), it can turn a complete idiot to Einstein. This is area of genius suppression, the so-called «error detector»; it is kind of fuse that prevents our desire to deviate from the norm: anything new triggers mode of restrictions — «how do you know that?» It triggers a safety valve — desire to deal with the unknown disappears and therefore becomes impossible. We return to the routine, stifling a yawn. But when this mechanism fails or luckily, breaks, the genius is unleashed and is «in full swing».

However, in order to launch brain “in full force”, one can manage without scalpel. That`s exactly what well- known in the world psychotraining school «Simoron» from Kyiv has been doing since 1988. The authors of the system, psychologists Petra and Pyotr Burlan claim that genius is natural feature of any living creature. They have developed simple, ingenious psychological techniques with sufficient heuristic, that anyone could easily and independently «lure» his /her inner genius out.

The Burlans believe that each person comes into the world with his/her individual program. The person enters this world without knowing what and who inhabited the world. It turns out, there is someone already there and that someone had set the rules that should be considered. Otherwise we are looking at the fate of Mowgli … And so, by looking at the parents, brothers and sisters, friends and enemies, we start building our own self — a mosaic of particular features, colors, traits inherent to our environment. This allows us to adapt to the social environment, to feel like «legitimate» members. The more elements of this environment are reflected in our personal mosaic, the more confident we seem to feel.

But by accepting the rules and views of the crowd, we become dependent on them in all aspects, we act like a puppet. We are confidently passing by our own SELF and by our uniqueness. And at the same time we are subconsciously protesting against this dependence and, kind of, rejecting whatever we borrowed from others. An internal conflict arises and we project it to the outside world: we are entering competitive relationships with the surroundings.

Meanwhile, our natural «I», our original, WHOLE consciousness rightly believes that whatever is outside appears to be its own continuation. If we are strongly committed to this position, our internal contradictions and conflicts with other objects cannot occur, because all of us are kind of the same creature. In that case, all that is transmitted from the depths of our genius, is not able to harm us, nor anyone else, on the contrary: this is, in fact, a program of creative, positive transformation of all aspects of life, in all its areas. Everybody around us can sense in these offerings something that is a true blessing for them and they are willing to join us. There appears to be some sort of a «climbing bunch» of cooperation, mutual support, mutual help.

Here comes logical question: how to get to your true SELF, how to give it the floor? What to do in order to prevent the screener of shells, that we borrowed from the surroundings, not to interfere with manifestation of our true identity, so it would not “filter” it to the extent of a faint flicker?

The system suggests following in this regard. Considering our constant readiness to look back, to hide behind others, to hold on to the “old wardrobe», one can preventively use simple and effective technique that satisfies him in this endeavor, and eliminates the need to continue the masquerade. This is about the same as what they do in medicine when vaccinate patient with a weak dose of infection in order to protect his body against serious disease.

Specifically. In order to prevent, to intercept our motivation to put someone else’s on, we will willingly «put it on», we will copy everything that tries to impress us: people and things, plants and animals, a variety of natural phenomena … By being now the initiator of the process, we can manage its course and we can reach the desired effect: the satiation, the exhaustion of the games of life. Sooner or later this trained, tested and polished feeling of disinterest to copy the outside world prevails. It is assumed, that at this point we seem to awake back to life again, anew, and we find ourselves at the starting position.

Now it`s important not to allow yourself “half-awake» to focus on the previous images and again to draw shapes that just lost their significance for us. Well, the instinct of imitation will not be given a word, if we right after the birth-rebirth intercept its initiative and begin to act. Exactly how? Let`s right here, right now, without any hesitation, without delay, get out of our cleared and unpacked self something that we have never had in our personal experience hitherto. Any unexpected association, picture, any unexpected combination of words, sounds, movements …Having stayed on this wave, we become conductors of new opportunities to the world, we pave the path in the very well-known field of patterns, repetitions, dead-end routes … We pave the path of pioneers, where any our arising wish, any our inducement is implemented without effort, without facing barriers anywhere and in anything. Because it is not contrary to the wishes of other people, other creatures of this world, it is in harmony with their nature.

This is one of the most promising ways out of the dead end of our habitual existence, the awakening of a creative initiative that knows no barriers. This way requires no extra costs — financial or emotional, it is available for almost anyone, regardless of their social status, creed, profession, age. Over the years of «Simoron» existence tens of thousands of people in different countries proved it. They opened the door to a true freedom.

Herbert Mc Dulsky, 2002.

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