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Remember Dostoevsky: «Human is a mystery. It needs to be solved, and if it takes all life, don`t say that time was wasted … » These words were said long time ago, but who has solved the mystery of a human? Where are his roots? What is the phenomenon of a human? And what is a phenomenon in human: are unusual deviations in his nature accidental or natural? Who are they, phenomenal people, capable of storing huge amount of information, move things by just looking at them, be able to see with their eyes closed? What is this? Mistake of nature?

While trying to get to the bottom of it, scientists took first step to study the brains of deceased talents. Alas, the «intelligent» content did not reveal the secret of geniuses, but rather puzzled: Gyri of the «great» people are not biologically different from those inside of skulls of ordinary mortals. But it was possible («accident is god of inventor!) to declassify the “block of genius » — the area in the right temporal lobe of the brain. If to turn it off (with help of scalpel), it can turn a complete idiot to Einstein. This is area of genius suppression, the so-called «error detector»; it is kind of fuse that prevents our desire to deviate from the norm: anything new triggers mode of restrictions — «how do you know that?» It triggers a safety valve — desire to deal with the unknown disappears and therefore becomes impossible. We return to the routine, stifling a yawn. But when this mechanism fails or luckily, breaks, the genius is unleashed and is «in full swing».

However, in order to launch brain “in full force”, one can manage without scalpel. That`s exactly what well- known in the world psychotraining school «Simoron» from Kyiv has been doing since 1988. The authors of the system, psychologists Petra and Pyotr Burlan claim that genius is natural feature of any living creature. They have developed simple, ingenious psychological techniques with sufficient heuristic, that anyone could easily and independently «lure» his /her inner genius out.

The Burlans believe that each person comes into the world with his/her individual program. The person enters this world without knowing what and who inhabited the world. It turns out, there is someone already there and that someone had set the rules that should be considered. Otherwise we are looking at the fate of Mowgli … And so, by looking at the parents, brothers and sisters, friends and enemies, we start building our own self — a mosaic of particular features, colors, traits inherent to our environment. This allows us to adapt to the social environment, to feel like «legitimate» members. The more elements of this environment are reflected in our personal mosaic, the more confident we seem to feel.

But by accepting the rules and views of the crowd, we become dependent on them in all aspects, we act like a puppet. We are confidently passing by our own SELF and by our uniqueness. And at the same time we are subconsciously protesting against this dependence and, kind of, rejecting whatever we borrowed from others. An internal conflict arises and we project it to the outside world: we are entering competitive relationships with the surroundings.

Meanwhile, our natural «I», our original, WHOLE consciousness rightly believes that whatever is outside appears to be its own continuation. If we are strongly committed to this position, our internal contradictions and conflicts with other objects cannot occur, because all of us are kind of the same creature. In that case, all that is transmitted from the depths of our genius, is not able to harm us, nor anyone else, on the contrary: this is, in fact, a program of creative, positive transformation of all aspects of life, in all its areas. Everybody around us can sense in these offerings something that is a true blessing for them and they are willing to join us. There appears to be some sort of a «climbing bunch» of cooperation, mutual support, mutual help.

Here comes logical question: how to get to your true SELF, how to give it the floor? What to do in order to prevent the screener of shells, that we borrowed from the surroundings, not to interfere with manifestation of our true identity, so it would not “filter” it to the extent of a faint flicker?

The system suggests following in this regard. Considering our constant readiness to look back, to hide behind others, to hold on to the “old wardrobe», one can preventively use simple and effective technique that satisfies him in this endeavor, and eliminates the need to continue the masquerade. This is about the same as what they do in medicine when vaccinate patient with a weak dose of infection in order to protect his body against serious disease.

Specifically. In order to prevent, to intercept our motivation to put someone else’s on, we will willingly «put it on», we will copy everything that tries to impress us: people and things, plants and animals, a variety of natural phenomena … By being now the initiator of the process, we can manage its course and we can reach the desired effect: the satiation, the exhaustion of the games of life. Sooner or later this trained, tested and polished feeling of disinterest to copy the outside world prevails. It is assumed, that at this point we seem to awake back to life again, anew, and we find ourselves at the starting position.

Now it`s important not to allow yourself “half-awake» to focus on the previous images and again to draw shapes that just lost their significance for us. Well, the instinct of imitation will not be given a word, if we right after the birth-rebirth intercept its initiative and begin to act. Exactly how? Let`s right here, right now, without any hesitation, without delay, get out of our cleared and unpacked self something that we have never had in our personal experience hitherto. Any unexpected association, picture, any unexpected combination of words, sounds, movements …Having stayed on this wave, we become conductors of new opportunities to the world, we pave the path in the very well-known field of patterns, repetitions, dead-end routes … We pave the path of pioneers, where any our arising wish, any our inducement is implemented without effort, without facing barriers anywhere and in anything. Because it is not contrary to the wishes of other people, other creatures of this world, it is in harmony with their nature.

This is one of the most promising ways out of the dead end of our habitual existence, the awakening of a creative initiative that knows no barriers. This way requires no extra costs — financial or emotional, it is available for almost anyone, regardless of their social status, creed, profession, age. Over the years of «Simoron» existence tens of thousands of people in different countries proved it. They opened the door to a true freedom.

Herbert Mc Dulsky, 2002.

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