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So … Thousands of people who have forgotten taste of failures, diseases and problems … Entire volumes of documents, testimonies, telling us how easy it turns out to get closer to success in life – to just support it in all its forms instead of fighting through it a la Don Quixote. And most importantly: simoron atmosphere of incessant, undying spring, constant awakening – it’s what everyone who has a little bit to do with this system is filled with and emanate…

Voices from different countries

Hundreds of people from all over the world have joined numerous simoronaut camp during accelerated Simoron courses held in Kyiv twice a year, in June (August) and January since 1993. They are people from Ukraine and Russia, England, and Germany, Italy and Slovakia, the Netherlands and Moldova, Latvia and the United States, Belarus, Estonia, Israel, Austria, Canada, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Spain, France and Czech Republic, Hungary and Uzbekistan, Switzerland and China, Bulgaria and Finland, Bahrain and Armenia, India and Scotland, Norway and South Africa, Belgium, Mexico, South Korea, Turkey, Romania and Cyprus … Here are some of the impressions.

Nellie Gluzman (Israel):

Simoron art has many faces and is not only enjoyment, but also a deep knowledge of life, tranquility, and cleansing, creative energy.

Natalia Kobylkin (Rostov-On-Don):

I changed my worldview; I improved my communication skills. I want to live and see the world in all its versatility, infinity…

Tishchenko E.V. (Voronezh):

This is the pathway to yourself, to the discovery of a Christ consciousness. This is what I’ve been looking for a long time; for the sake of this person comes to Earth. Truth is one, but there are many paths leading to it — a lot. Simoron is close and fast way. I am happy I have found it.

Irina Tskhai (Kazakhstan):

By learning this system, by using it, you become master of your destiny, you live in peace and harmony with yourself and with your entire surrounding, and you feel unity with whole universe.

Oleg (Latvia):

Simoron gives a person opportunity to feel like creator and be able to feel freedom.

Vitko Olga (Belarus):

A new way of life. It is easy and accessible to all. I have learned to live in harmony with nature and with people. All my insecurities disappeared; I have changed my attitude to diseases, failures, worries. I was helped to see things I hadn’t noticed for years.

Gulfia Khabibullina (Tyumen):

Simoron is school that teaches how to live soaring like a bird. It is the joy of life…

Irina Iroutova (Czech Republic):

I have read a lot about this system but simoronaut’s responses seemed to be too fantastic. However, when I started practicing simoron, I realized that «miracles» are possible. A person has right to health, to prosperity, and simoron students use this right widely … Simoron is a new vision of the world.

Tishchenko L.P. (Orenburg):

I came to school because of my wife. It’s amazing. It’s complete liberation. It’s the feeling of my own «self» which was unknown to me before. The shifts in the understanding of my place in the universe are tangible. Without exaggerating my successes, I want to say that I’ve learned to look at the world the way children do. I have great faith in success…

S. Ganopolskaya (Switzerland):

This is live system. It is very similar to a separator which sorts the most valuable out of many, many systems and trends. Or, maybe on the contrary, they borrowed bit by bit the ideas they are based on, from Simoron? After all, Simoron has always existed, long before those other systems appeared…. It existed in the Earth’s air, in sun rays and stars rays, down the rivers flow, in birds’ chirp, in plants’ whisper. The Burlans … just were able to hear it all; they just picked it up and revealed it to us.

Galina Kurovskaya (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky):

Simoron just in a few days turned upside down my attitude to myself and to the world. Because they presented it all so easily and easy, fun, playful, easy to understand. I understand now how to get rid of all the problems … This is the true school of human.

Andrey Rassadin (France):

I started to get interested in esoterics in the Soviet Union, at the «forbidden» times, when something «serious» could be obtained only from self- publishers. I «soaked up» various school systems, teachings, famous ones and little known ones. I was constantly in quest for myself, but couldn’t find it … I learned about this system nine years ago but all these years I could not get there … And finally it happened! When I became burlanaut, I got everything I expected … (Though there is a question all the time: did it really happen to me, or it was just a joke …?)

The Chebotovs, Marina and Andrey (Donetsk):

This is harmonious, with unimaginable possibilities, and at the same time easy-to-understand system … Now it has become as close to «combat» conditions of life and easy to use.

Timophey (Germany):

The days I’ve spent in the cheerful company of crash course participants from all over the CIS and other countries, have become a real treat for me. There was a lot of laugh, jokes, and games. And extraordinary, unforgettable trips to other

worlds … Now I more than ever feel the inner strength and joy, the desire to act on my own, to live, to move on further, deeper…

Inga (Italy):

Those training seminars in school allow me to free myself and my loved ones from any anxiety, to freely use information obtained on the Track of Soaring, I can easily communicate with minerals, plants, animals, and space population. Classes give impetus to work on myself all my life…

R. Krykina (Kharkiv):

You would think that crash course with its concentrated program should make audience to be in tension. It turned out — all the way around. Easy, relaxed, methodically clear scenario of training -communication leads to astounding results. Problems and worries that haunted many of us, couple of days later became irrelevant, and really no longer are. You call home, and find out that your folks forgot about their health problem which was the reason I came here. Clarity of presentation, perspicuity, and visual material of this course truly liberate…

Felix Komarov (Odessa):

When taking various trainings, I noticed one common feature: quick results — and an equally rapid decline, return back to the same problems. Simoron system which I was practicing for quite some time before taking crash course, differs essentially from the quick but short-lived training of personal growth. When it gets into the structure of everyday life, it fundamentally changes the viewpoint of weak, dependent on the circumstances person and turns this person into master of his own life. By using playful way this system annuls all the life’s problems and shows their illusive nature. Even if some problem re-appears on the horizon, it will melt like last year’s snow after performing simoron action.

Elena Khmel (Kyiv):

This is not a trend; this is happy people’s diagnosis. Burlan-do is as true and deep, as deep and true happiness is, and you want to stay in this all-consuming state…

Mikhail (St.-Petersburg):

Before I got to the crash course, I already had some idea about the system. But what I saw and heard was beyond my wildest expectations. The proposed picture of the world is simple, charming, absurd in a good sense and stunningly effective in solving any problem — from the peaceful expulsion of cockroaches out of the bathroom to traveling to past and future. I had chance to prove efficiency of the system by playfully making a few «miracles» during a course of workshop. The skills I received during workshop could be called super-high level of skills: they could be used everywhere, even there, where it seems impossible.

Miroslav (Ivano-Frankivsk area):

First two days I thought I’d wasted money. But on the third day there was something weird: I became morally liberated, my sense of humor increased ten times … I have a feeling that I’m as free as a wind!

Nigora Nosirova (Tashkent):

For me Simoron is a unique opportunity to change rhythms, spatial and temporal strata, to really exist in the rhythm of rock, water, animals; it is opportunity to expand myself, opportunity of self-improvement, of learning myself.

Natasha B. (USA):

The stream that carried for me the intensity of consciousness and involvement in existence, and which I considered to be priority, happened to be secondary. I have learned how to let it go. I remembered well-forgotten since childhood feeling of harmony and understanding of another being. I feel like I am awakening now…

Tatyana (St. Petersburg):

I had no expectation that they would give a magic wand to each participant. But, nevertheless, at first I did not like some of it … Seems, I was waiting something «special» … and it did not fit to what I saw. And then at the end of training I remembered my doubts and confusion, and I realized that they are long gone. They don’t worry me any more, as well as some other things that bothered me at home … Something changed elusively, those my “worries” and me do not interfere with each other. It’s like we were on different planes…

Valentina Pushka (Germany):

Workshop is a discovery in yourself of something that turns over your stone clumsiness, stagnation, involvement in earthly game; it’s like light breeze that brings up a lot of color, light and smiles. Seems that happy and unpredictable world enters you, and you become connected to the source, which has plenty for life…

Natalya (Krivoy Rog):

There comes a feeling as of an alien surprisingly observing what actually people are doing here. You get quite a strong effect of being stunned … Even more, this training can be compared with the deposit of large diamonds at which you, the wild miner, accidentally stumbled. By the end of training you realize that the more you take from the field, the greater will be left there. It is that inexhaustible…

Alyona (Moldova):

There is a feeling … shall I say … of enlightenment: now you know something that your mother did not tell you, Blavatskaya did not mention, religion was silent about… Moreover, you feel like miracle is being born in front of you and with your help. While observing Petra and Pyotr work, you feel emotions like watching favorite movie, eating favorite dish, reading favorite book … and there is even sense of victory of some kind…

Anton Zhuravlev (Krasnodar):

I heard word «Simoron» three months ago. The man excitedly told me that it’s magic that allows you to change reality for yourself, by yourself, no more and no less. That is, I am so powerful that I can turn on and off traffic lights; I can get money out of nowhere … In general, the perfect embodiment of pretty common dreams. It turned out that Burlan-do is not about that … I was terrified. When, after the first class, I went down into the subway, I felt the flow of people bound to the cemetery. Well, and I’m with them … The second time I was scared when I imagined myself out of this flow. But this fear was a positive one … It is not easy to get out of the gaming salon to the fresh air, but once you get out, you look at players and their games differently…

Oksana (Canada):

How many times during the workshop I had feeling that I can do everything! Interestingly enough, I didn’t do anything on purpose but my landlady’s son last few days did not drink, although previously he came home drunk as a skunk. And I easily called home from a pay phone while concierge insisted that it did not work for quite a while… The most important thing: I am taking with me tranquility and confidence. Insomnia that had plagued me for the last few months has disappeared.

Yaskevich VP (Rovenki):

I saw the procedure of getting to the state of «forte», state of good luck, green streets; I’ve learned how to always stay on this wave. Very interesting system of relationships with the environment — without opposition and internal contradictions between subjects and objects. Simoron is not a magic wand, it’s different…

Maria (Netherlands):

This is continuous flow of creativity that comes out from you and filling everything around you with life. As if you are holding radiant joy in your hands and it warms your palms. When you open those palms it rushes out far beyond the mind, concepts of time and space, leaving here and now children’s serenity and naturalness of existence … One begins to understand with his whole being, begins to feel his connection with other dimensions, with the real Homeland …

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