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School is a quarter century old… Is that a lot? We flipped through the Simoron chronicle and decided to choose one student’s “confession” per each year of school, so that there was a complete picture of its formation. And here is the picture.

1989, Natalya Kubikova, dressmaker (Kyiv, Ukraine).

My husband went on a business trip. At night I suddenly felt uneasy. Why is that? I worked with myself and returned to normal. And in a normal state simoronist can see it all … I look and see: my husband’s train got stuck at the small station: there was some accident on the rails. OK, I think, they will stay there at least until morning. Again I was worried, and again — back to work … Now, I feel everything will be all right. Next morning my husband calls me from the city of destination: «Can you imagine, the rails were damaged, the station manager said that maintenance will be available only tomorrow. And all of a sudden, out of nowhere, in the middle of the night there comes the maintenance team. They fixed everything and we were on the way in no time! ..»

Another story. There was no hot water in the house. I called housing office. Turns out the pipe cracked somewhere inside the wall. It means that the repair is going to be very long and costly… Well, but I already know what I should do in this case: if a problem appeared in front of me, it means I “gave birth” to it, and I need to replace this one «slide» by another … In short, an hour later we got hot water.

1990, Sasha, businessman (Vladimir, Russia).

Simoron seminar was held at a resort area — in the forest. It was a dreary day, the sky was covered with heavy gray clouds and a lot of mosquitos were flying around … On the third day of the workshop I have already learned how to cope with this kind of situations. It’s so simple: we just have to get rid of the internal barriers, of prohibitions that we establish in childhood … One of the barriers is fear of different circumstances of life that we escalate in our mind and as a result — confirmation of the reason for it in an outer environment. It was enough to understand it; it’s like something clicked inside of me…. And not even a single mosquito landed on my body, though there were millions of them.

And later I foresaw trouble for my company that should have happened in half a year and I averted it by doing the same thing: coming to the level of relations with the world when you do not expect any trouble from anyone.

1991., Vytaly Tzarenko, programmer (Odessa, Ukraine).

When I enrolled in school «Simoron», I was unemployed. It was second month of Simoron training when I was able to see: soon I will get a call with a job offer I’ve been dreaming about. And that’s exactly what happened …

My girlfriend and I broke up. I went to psych, to gypsies for help. They were doing something… But all of it is so boring, I don’t believe in any magic. Simoron helped me to get my love back… The Burlan school changes the person’s approach to life, he becomes down to earth, treats others with all his heart, like a parent. My beloved felt these changes in me and she came back.

1992, Nadya Shlatskaya, teacher (Presov, Slovakia).

I attended simoron seminar because of a problem: heel spurs, very painful one. I was walking on tiptoes – couldn’t do otherwise … And soon I forgot that doctor advised me to remove those spurs surgically. That is to say, I completely forgot that I had them: they disappeared by themselves…. Well, not by themselves but with my help, of course. I realized that I inadvertently brought them to life by my anxiety and tensions … As soon as I removed them; a lot of things began to change.

For example, students in my class are all straight “A” students. There are no fights, no conflicts. And this is at the same time when in the other classes there is poor discipline, drugs, fights … Simoron truly helps make miracles.

1993, Inna Ivanovna, housewife (Magadan, Russia)

My «specialty» is gardening. You should see my crops! And I negotiate with all sorts of pests in a simoron way: you guys…, we live in the same world, in the same nature, so, let us co-exist … and they hear me!

1994, S. Polevaya, bookkeeper (Yekaterinburg, Russia)

I have two children from different marriages — son 13y.o. and daughter – 4y.o. We started experiencing complications in our family after we welcomed our new baby-girl. The irreconcilability grew between my son and his step-father. My husband purposely stayed late at work, he didn’t want to go home. And my son was jealous of my daughter, he too disappeared from home for a long time … And after attending Burlan seminars a sense of unity and goodwill appeared in our family.

My husband and I are planning for another child. We managed to sneak peek at his future, making sure that his life is going to be happy one.

1995, Ivan Ivanovitch, foreman (Vologda, Russia)

We had trouble with the authorities, construction came to a halt, and the funds were not enough … I said: «Take it easy, guys, just look!» — And I performed Yasny dance. It creates a positive vibration, and these waves reach people we are connected with, contribute to our productive contact. According to the principle: «We be of one blood ye and I …» Anyway, the money was found and the relationship got better.

1996, Timofey, service department (Stuttgart, Germany,).

For me Simoron is a radical turn in my life. After a long search (Buddhism, Kabbalah, Occultism) I found a system of ideas about the world, which is as natural as the air and is effective, flawless in its execution.

I don’t want to talk about specific everyday successes which come in abundance to a person, who has mastered the system — this is not the main thing. The main thing is: an internal process of integration into the world of creativity, awareness and a sense of yourself as an equal and effective participant of this process. Simoronaut is not a person who cannot see anything beyond his own nose any more.

1997, Tatyana Avakeena, store clerk (Simferopol, Ukraine).

My mother was going to die; there were reasons — health and psychological both… Everybody turned away from her, buried her in their minds. Except for me. I knew that something could be done, I just had that feeling … At this time, we were having Simoron workshop in our town. There I found out that my mother was too much fixated at the extramundane world, she was too thoroughly rehearsing her departure from this life. I needed to help her to restore her interest to this life and her involvement in this world. I began to work — not on her problem, but on mine: I worked over my feelings about her. That’s how it’s done in Simoron: no one influencing anyone else, but if we eliminate the destructive program in our minds, then people with whom we relate emotionally connect to our clean energy … Not only my mother was alive, but soon she got married. She completely changed: her skin regenerated: wrinkles disappeared, the signs of aging were gone, and she looks like now like a Top Model!

1998., Maria Lukashevna, retired (Kiev, Ukraine).

After attending Simoron school, my grandson completely forgot about his diabetes, insulin, etc.

We have relatives; doctors have predicted their daughter childless future. I taught Anna to look at her problem in a simoron way: baby she wants, can not enter into this life, because she does not let him in with her anxiety … Anna began to work with herself, and here is the result: she became pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby-girl.

1999., Alex, literary man (Tel-Aviv, Israel).

Simoron made ​​me a real master of my life — in the broadest sense of the word. Everything that somehow separated me from people has now disappeared. I understand everybody without words and everybody understands me… I’m sort of on the top of the mountain, where I can view it all: the past and the future. I know who I was in previous incarnations, thousands years ago, and I know who I will be in future … But the beauty is that I can freely choose my own future. I am interested to be born next time in the other worlds, other dimensions and I know that I can accomplish it.

2000., Alyona, teacher (Dallas, USA).

I have been in this school since the first day of its existence. This was time when everyday way of life that was built by the decades before was crashing. Everybody lived like at a crossroads, in a state of insecurity, feeling hopelessly sometimes … So appearance of Burlan program was just what we needed: life suddenly filled up with completely different content. Many people seemed to find the way out where they didn’t even think to look for … Could I, modest single teacher, ever assume that soon I will happen to be overseas, happily married, become «legitimate» American? Simoron is a full life, its happiness…

2001., Yelena, businesswoman, (Tallinn, Estonia).

Simoron really works! I can feel sparkly, non-standard life flow … It does not matter whether there are any snags in life, what matters is that they do not determine the nature of my existence, my behavior. Everything looks different when you look at it simoron way. And this other is genuine; it’s not an illusion….

2002., Stella Petrova, mother and grandmother, (Toronto, Canada).

I regret one thing — that I found out about Simoron so late … However, nothing is too late, because we have eternity ahead! I physically feel that I am not a subject to time, that I am free from its captivity. The «solidity» of the life perception, the thoroughness, the immobility and firmness of forms — all that disappeared. Everything is in motion, in progress, constantly changing… And I’m not a grandmother any more, but rather… butterfly, butterfly in flight, soaring butterfly…

2003., Yana, Medical worker (Vilnius, Lithuania).

My younger son was in high school truancy, failing everything. My older son, after coming back from army, got involved with the doubtful company, started using drugs … Now he remembers the past as a bad dream. He quit his harmful habit and found job he loves. And my youngest one got interested in studying, now he successfully passes exams … I gained confidence in myself, I felt the taste of life.

2004., Seredkina Tatyana, teacher (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia).

Our group is small, but true «miracles» happen there. Here is one … Anna Ivanovna, the older lady, recently did her medical tests as follows: blood test, heart ECG, blood pressure, brain test, etc. The results of the tests surprised doctors: it’s like there was a 20-year-old girl’s results…. But Anna Ivanovna had just a few months of simoron experience…

2005., Alexey Murashov, construction worker (Dnipro, Ukraine).

My wife’s watch stopped since battery ran down and my wife kept forgetting to buy a new one. Quite by accident this watch happened to be close to the stone, which I have sympathized a month ago. All of a sudden I saw the hands of the watch were moving, the face of the watch was lit. So, there was a battery charging from a sympathized stone?..

2006., Nellie Fokina, businesswoman (Moscow, Russia).

Simoron works not only in my life but in the lives of my loved ones. Here is an example: my daughter Yulia was hit by a car, she received multiple injuries, fractures and became disabled… Now she can walk without crutches. I feel that I can help my family no matter where I am…

2007., Luminesta, one simoron forum participant.

One day I was going to have a long bus ride (about 9 hours). I don’t feel well when travel that long, so, to somehow entertain myself, I began to “mix-stir” realities in simoron way…

After about half an hour the bus stopped and the drivers began to discuss something intently. As it turned out, they forgot to turn to the bypass road. As a result, we arrived six hours ahead of schedule!

2008., N.N., student, (London, Great Britain).

Simoron entered my life with a light gusty wind. It’s the key to yourself, to the magic that lies within us. Key that helps one to discover rainbow in self… The same bright rainbow as the one that my study group brought to life in Kyiv sky, when they used Yassny…

2009., Alicia, producer, (Barcelona, Spain).

I’ve been twice at Burlan «blitz» in Kiev. Now depression that kept me from living full life for many years completely gone. I had no idea that the reason for this was Dekosha`s (my otherworldly half) work. Turned out, it was enough to «feed» him a few times — and he got quenched, thus stopped “getting” me. This is an amazing feeling — getting rid of psychological duality, of the constant internal dialogue and finding wholeness. There is a sense of celebration which, as Hemingway said, is «always with you.»

2010., Sam Bagdasarov, MD (Kyiv, Ukraine).

Exactly how long have I been with Simoron? Probably eight to ten years now… I work at a children’s intensive care unit. Here they often bring kids in coma. Their little bodies are not strong enough, many of them die … But when I am on duty — it is excluded. I don’t do anything special to keep them alive…. It’s just Simoron and I work together as a single unit, I am imbued with it to the core, and apparently babies could feel it emanating from me…

2011-2018. Evidence of several simoronauts who once joined the Burlan

School and continue polishing their skills.

G. Mykhailenko, 52 y.o., economist.

About 18 years ago «miracles»started happening in my life: I found a dream-job. My ex-husband and I shared the apartment, he was abusing us … Shortly after my initiation to Simoron he moved out and left us. I met a wonderful man, fell in love with him and I am very happy now.

L. Kovalenko, 36y.o, head of the company.

I came to Simoron School as a university student. I was young rationalist, rather critically minded … I soon realized that the system works smoothly and efficiently. I became a businessman, very successful one. I now manage company and I am not complaining…

E. Domysh, an artist, 40y.o.

Before Simoron I was a wreck: constant strep throat, joint pain, back pain, heart trouble, vascular spasms … Soon I simply forgot about all these health problems. I dropped 11kg (24 pounds) without any diet… And now, after all these years, I feel like I was born anew.

N. Gnatenko, 69y.o., retired.

Simoron helped me get rid of the gripping fear of nightmares. I, like others, have been taught at school to manage my second «I» – my other, “behind the mirror” half … Now both parts of my personality work in harmony, as one team: no usual internal contradictions, no internal dialogue, no conflict. I feel as a whole person living in a holistic, harmonious world.

O. Bobyrskaya, 46 y.o., designer.

On the first year of practicing Simoron my husband quit drinking. And since then he doesn’t even touch alcohol … We’ve been very happy all these years.

S. Porokh, 39y.o, programmer.

I am convinced that regular person who doesn’t possess any special talents, can discover an ocean of slumbering, not engaged in daily life powers in self. This truly regenerates him, makes him master of his life and active helper for those who want once and for all get out of the mundane «victim — robbers» game.

D. Emilina, 40 y.o., housewife.

I remember how amazed was everybody when they saw me «negotiating» with the mole crickets that were devouring my garden, the potato beetles, and cockroaches of all sorts … I am kind of specializing on animals. Some time ago animals were dying in our house, they just did not survive. They say we have an anomalous zone of some kind. Since then I have raised a whole «zoo»: I brought up several lively dogs, many wonderful kitties, parrots … They are all good friends and love each other.

N. Ylienko, 47 y.o., bus driver.

My introduction to Simoron started with the fact that all the lost things in my house were found. Whatever was stolen was also returned. I was able to pay off all my debts … I can not say that we wrap ourselves in luxury, but, thank God, we are not hurting now. And all of it just because we live in simoron way: we don’t fight circumstances, we do not retreat under their pressure, we treat them the way masters do.

V. Kurylo, 42 y.o., art critic.

What struck me at the time – there was neither magic, no sorcery. Everything is simple and natural as the breath of life … I remember, my relative fell ill and he turned to me for help, knowing that I was «doing something». I explained to him that all of our afflictions, troubles, failures are nothing but a game in which we play the role of pawns who do not see far beyond their noses. That he needs to rise to the level of the writer-director who can stage another game with no room for trouble. And I taught him how to do it … The result: not only he became completely free of an incurable disease, but he also began to teach others the same. After that incident, I had many more stories of this kind…

L. Kosteva, 38 y.o., bookkeeper.

I grew up a loser, «ugly duckling.» I was hesitant, afraid of new blows of fate which didn’t make me wait long. When I started Simoron School, I believed in myself, I became sociable, cheerful, joyful… And I stayed this way for many years… And life treats me the same way in return…

E. Baraban, 45y.o., philosopher.

I can only say one thing: as a system Simoron world view is very promising, because the keystone concept of it correlates to the classical philosophical and, at the same time, the latest in the world of esoteric ideas and thoughts, and develops them.

A. Pastushko, 32y.o., An artist.

I came to Simoron a whippersnapper. My whole life now is a consequence of this coming. To me, this school is endless celebration of self-discovery, inspiration. I’ve witnessed, people suddenly began to write poetry, create pictures, compose music … And they just bring creativity into all aspects of their life. Simoron is irreversible way out of what mankind calls misfortune.

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