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“…the simpatico should be as smooth as a

movement of a soul…”

-What if my soul is trying to do corners?

— That`s not your soul, that`s your previous experience

of bumping at corners …”

(from the dialogue at the workshop)

The new season of Simoron School is now open and it doesn`t leave any room to usual forms and templates. Now the SIMPATICO rules, which is the Simoron Patent for the right to be YOURSELF.

Finally, the word is spoken. “Sympathetic” is exactly correct word about everything that has to do to Petra and Pyotr Burlan, their classes, their method, their students, the whole world around them…

Many simoronauts proved a long time ago: in a matter of seconds, maybe minutes for some and, oh well, hours and days for others, world from hostile (antipathic) turns to friendly (sympathetic). And the trick here is not just two contrast words, not in the tug of concepts, but in an instant transition to a fundamentally different quality. That is QUALITY OF LIFE.

Indeed, the transition happens immediately, the other thing is that our inertia doesn`t let us instantly see it and believe it, it stretches everything to hours and months. But sooner or later we can see that this world is OURS and it is sympathetic to us.

During the long years of daily wanderings and adventures, not always joyous, we forget that our world is WHOLE. With every passing day of this life we make our own space narrower and narrower, until we drive ourselves in a box with absolutely standard sizes.

By protecting our space, we shield ourselves from the world, we divide the world with the fence to MINE and NOT MINE.

When does it all start? Of course, in our childhood, when it feels so calm, peaceful and safe next to the mother, and the world seems to be beautiful and friendly…but as soon as mother leaves us for a minute, everything changes quite the opposite. And when adults begin to teach us the rules and norms of behavior on a «take care of your own and do not touch someone else’s!», wanting only the best for us, we can congratulate ourselves on our first life`s trench.

For example, I brought up my son this way. And when he was doing something in his own way, I was a little ashamed before the peers. Covered with a thick layer of social labels, I did not quite trust his natural interests and movements. Years have passed, and now his social patterns and stereotypes are trying to keep me in the bounds of decency. It’s amazing: we do not allow children to be FULLY children, and later we are annoyed with their desire to be FULLY adults. We are not completely present «here and now», in the PRESENT- nor with them, neither with ourselves. Instead, we speculate: «What would happen if …» — NEVER knowing it for sure.

Even the simplest provocation (there are a lot of merry provocations in Simoron) — «social striptease» — plunges us into the swaying the swings of extremes. By using our social filters, we immediately catch the trend of opposition: «Social — Biological», everything society dictates us, we need to discard», but «social habits help us to survive in the harsh natural conditions» … While there is no opposition and especially, confrontation in Simoron system. Just because it’s not Simoron method. And all the discussions on a subject «what if Robinson did not show mettle …» or «is Mowgli a person?» make no sense initially. It`s just because in Simoron, where everything is perceived in INTEGRITY, without division and opposition, there is no need to falsely deny society that brought us up and still has a grip on us, as well as heading back to the Pampas. Apparently, person was initially destined to combine both, without distortions and preferences.

The Burlan School, as a laboratory of life, gives the opportunity to «disassemble» yourself into many smaller components in order to understand that each of these components is nothing compared with the wholeness that life actually is.

It`s baby boom in Europe now, and a new system of raising kids, in many ways similar to the Asian or African, whatever you prefer. Since his birth the child stays with his parents all the time, literally in their hands. Parents and child become something whole, perceiving the world through the eyes of each other. They mutually teach each other of ANOTHER way of life, since an adult, constantly staying with the child, gradually loses his husk of social stereotypes, and the child growing up in a state of reliable security, learns and creates his own world without restrictions and limitations. If we are not ready to let go of each other, at least we can effectively learn to live through each other.

Children teach adults of life no less, and certainly more effective. The main thing is that adults did not resist. Otherwise children also begin to live IN SPITE.

The first results of European educational experiment are already visible: today new generation of kids growing up. They are trusting, open to the world, perceiving the world as completely their own. Their parents are also less neurotic. I wonder, when it`s their time to read Kipling or Daniel Defoe, exactly what will they make of these books?

The principle «external = internal» was present in Simoron all the time. But right now it took, what seems to me, the main line.

Really, all we`ve always been doing in Simoron School was building our own sympathetic world by using different methods: renaming, creating author projects, “HOTTABYCH”. But these were the “external” manifestations of our authorship: someone or something outside was responsible for our inner peace of mind.

Now, by the very nature of the SYMPATHIZING of a space, we simply create SIMORON PATENT (SIMPAT-ICO) for AUTHORSHIP. Whatever and however it may be, it does not fit into a fetish, or any other kind of a pattern, but just reminds us that we should just BE.

The principle «external = internal» was originally included in the way of sympathizing the space: no loopholes for the rational notions and socially desirable labels. The very first step is:” Let go of your hand, your thoughts and desires, let your natural essence to draw your SYMPATHETIC image»(SYMPAT-ICO), and it will stop you from slipping into endless internal dialogue. After that there is no one else responsible, except you, the AUTHOR, for drawing this image and then life itself ANEW.

And if your experience still keeps you back and you are still bumping into corners, don`t fall into despair, go ahead, take action. Because SIMORON is practice, it`s practice of LIFE. Someday, one beautiful moment you will find yourself soaring through the life and won`t be surprised by that. It`s so easy!

Anastasiya Kulebyaka,

year 2004

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