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There is so much of information and misinformation about Simoron that an inexperienced reader can quite often get confused about terms, interpretations and comparisons. Someone speaks of it as a panacea from all troubles, others compare it to the shaman practices, laughing therapy … who knows what else! To begin with, let`s cut off the slightest attempts of any comparisons — you can call it whatever you want and be sure that you`ve missed the point!

But only when you understand that your goal was to get to the sky (there is a Celtic saying “the shooter was aiming at the sky and hit it…’’), you will get closer to whopping “twenty-eight” to understanding Burlan -Do.

Lately in various cities and towns, and even in different countries and continents, self-proclaimed Simoron courses began to open like umbrellas in the rain. Some of them really have to do with the tradition, with the wisdom of life, which was brought into the world by the founders of the school – Petra and Pyotr Burlan. Then these courses are legally referred to as branches of the Simoron School and they have the latest developments of the system in their possession. Others — those who have recently (or long ago), «split off» from school, hijacked one or another method of the past years. But without understanding the essence of the method, the very basics of the system, they have replicated their misunderstanding, their patterns of behavior, which for some reason are called Simoron … In honor of the authors of the system? Just because «Napoleon» cake, which was named after the French emperor, was made in the low-quality bakery, its taste is hardly the same.

So, what is Simoron? Who else but the authors of the term, can set the record straight on it. In no case we say that they are always right. Moreover, we are sure that there is no right, nor left in their words. It has never been.

There is only a philosophy of life, method, technique (you can substitute your own version here). There is Simoron system that works. For nearly 20 years! But new ideas and techniques are born every day and every hour in the Burlan “kitchen”. The ways out for anyone and everyone to life without lossess and defeat.

Authors of the system are constantly «interrogated» about its essence, about technique, about their own participation in Simoron and people who chose Simoron as a lifestyle. What is written below are excerpts from Petra`s and Pyotr`s Burlan «live», improvised answers to the topical questions.

  • What is Simoron? Psychological training, esoteric practices, magic, shamanism?

-We wouldn`t describe our school with either one of this terms just because every one of them has some kind of purpose, a goal.

If a person wants to achieve certain status or position in life, the means he uses for this will be used to ensure that this is the best way to reach his goal. In Simoron we don`t set any goals. The sole purpose of Simoron is the removal of all goals.

We don`t teach anything. The traditional view about school is associated with a desire to learn something new, that is to put on additional amount of information. And by doing so, enrich our potential. We are doing just the opposite. By the time person reaches adulthood, he has already learned a lot, a lot of which would be better to part with. Not everything he gets in life by training, education or culture is useful. In our practice, we constantly see that 99% of this «knowledge» is going to harm him. So this person needs to be undressed, so called “stripped”, become free from all cliches and patterns, from those «locks», which he imposed on himself and which prevent him to discover himself. We help people to discover their «cosmic SELF» – the general creative direction of their lives, their future, their own destiny.

So, the only goal of Simoron is the removal of all goals. The techniques we use may be called the «anti-techniques»: they lack any kind of directed or coordinated rituals.

Psychotraining? Looks like it. But coaching is aimed to coach, and always in a given direction. Simoron is training on the contrary, it helps to lose everything that has been trained in human life before.

  • In that case isn’t Simoron a technique of unpunished behavior, permissiveness and anarchy? Do what you want, do as you wish.
  • What kind of anarchy is that? Anarchy always implies resistance to something. It`s a destruction of the existing rules and regulations: be free in defiance of everything that surrounds you! We’re talking about the effective realizationtion of all human capabilities given him by nature. If a person is able, for example, to write beautifully, to dance, to sew, to lay bricks, to cook soup, to compose music, if he really likes it — he will do all that with the maximum benefit for himself. And not only for himself, the results of his work will be helpful to many. But to find this kind of calling in yourself is not always easy. Simoron just teaches ability to find it. The system removes the «deafness» in relation to yourself and to the world around us. Secondly, it teaches self-dependence. This is the most important thing in it. Self-dependence, not permissiveness, they are different things, aren`t they? Permissiveness involves only operations with something that may or may not be allowed. Simoron also abolishes everything that somehow brings us back to those operations. We are talking about how to remove the need to look back, to check whether it is permissible or not. This is what independence (or self-dependence) means.
  • What does person who restored self in himself feel?

-To begin with, he doesn`t feel anything. To feel something means to become isolated in something recognizable, familiar, routinary. We help person to enable feeling experienced by a baby, when he open-mouthed, is amazed by sunlight or stars. Watch him, if you can, see how the child looks up at the starry sky … He just recently came into this world and brought with him the experience of a Greater Universe — it is easier for him to recognize and remember what was forgotten by most adults: they only look down at their feet, so that not to trip and fall …

So when we discover inside of us this childlike, pristine amazement of life, we can only feel one thing: the process, discovery in constant progress, creation of the universe …

-How does Simoron help person to change his current existence?

-Changes are hardly the point. Changes are always relative, that is, there is always something in relation to which changes occur. Let’s say, someone of those who come to us, is not happy with his life (consciously or subconsciously) and he expects Simoron to help him in any way to change it. In fact, he continues to play the same game which he played prior to coming to school. Whatever he has «changed» (starting from something else), he will eventually come to the same thing he had before the «change.» Only the background changed…

Let`s get it straight: people who changed something in their lives or are willing to change are «players». As matter of fact, it is impossible to find a person, even the most conservative, who is not trying to change at least something in his life. But this approach is an illusion of life, not the life itself. The illusion is that a person all the time, kind of bumps into changes, to the change of scenery — even in small things, even in something … Something is changing all the time: here I looked in the window and saw some feather. There already has been change, I noticed it, and along with this change I myself seem to change a little … It seduces us, it tempts us, we strive for constant change, without noticing that in the process of it, we are missing our true program – discovery our true self in ourselves … Our main task is to stop this spinning, this tendency for constant change of scenery. That’s when we find true self!

Interviewed by Antonina Bly, Dmitry Highlanders (2003)

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