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There is nothing to add to the perfect, there is nothing to take away


I am writing not because someone needs it. Nobody needs anything. I do not contest the almighty, the perfect, which everyone of us in fact is. There is nothing to add to the perfect, there is nothing to take away. Who am I to encroach on the whole, filled to the brim? Nobody can give anything to anyone. It`s impossible to add something to the whole. I am writing because the warm breeze is blowing through my window. I am writing just because it is exactly right time and place to do so:).

From the LIKE THAT life:

Somewhere, where the wings should be, remained faith and unshakable feeling that the world is large, beautiful and amazing. Somewhere deep in the heart, there always was and still is a premonition of timeless joy of being. But the life itself showed different …

I`ve been looking. Wherever it`s possible. Peering into people’s heads, books, homes. I`ve been looking carefully, trust me. Looking intently, eating into it. And the closer, as it seemed to me, happiness was, the more destructive was the aftertaste. Tormented body, aching soul, crazy Morse code h-o-m-e, h-o-m-e.

…The End of the life LIKE THAT:

The copy of Simoron book came into my hands the very next night. Dang this Simoron! What is it? Isn`t it just another B.S? But I kept reading. The wings have not grown, the heartache didn`t stop, but I saw that my nervous and devastating my whole life night, was tearing apart like an old and flimsy cloth. It was tearing with a roar of laughter. Walls were shaking from laughter. Horror rattled, fear melted away before my eyes. Back then I was laughing, because of simpatico, something like «a vacuum cleaner with hair in curlers.» Now it`s as easy as one-two-three.

After about ten workshops with the Simoron authors, I managed to get a little glimpse about the concept of the system. Three years have passed. And I began a long and painful climb to the mountain named Simoron. With falls, digging self down, instillation, self-locking, and all other stuff. Friends? Some were hanging by my side, some were not. Some stayed, some fell and some continue to fall. Some are neck-to-neck with me. It seems, several lives have passed.

It`s been six years now. I’m just starting ascension to the Simoron track. I already start feeling its musical multicolorness.

Simoron is not the means of problem solving. It’s different. Let`s take a mitten. Imagine that all the problems are located on the outside of the mitten as pieces of ice. You are trying to brush them off, but they stick even more. So, Simoron turns you inside out. Icicles are melting inside. That’s it.

It is difficult to wriggle out of it. It is difficult because the habit to solve problems gets embedded in you, it gets in the sub cortex, it becomes conveyor. I think that scientists will soon find the part of human body that solves the problems — some kind of corpus callosum, standing on guard.

So, back to the beginning.

I am whole, I am complete, I have everything in me. I’m full of myself, I don`t need anything else. I dally in the Universe in perfect health, in sober mind, in gracious mood, fully confident of my enduring excellence, in fearlessness and serenity, in my natural existence.

And then it dawns on me. Rather it Earthens on me. I am offered to play duality. Garmon stretched and the world spread out. Right hand, left hand, right bank, left bank. I walk between them, endlessly trample time. Time is a distance between the two sides (points, worlds, genders, colors, …, …, ….).

How to become human, if you’re whole and complete? One needs to discard the rest of the entire set of omnipotence. I discard. But since I can not lose my integrity as a matter of principle, I immediately start to replenish myself, compensate for the missing. If I am a woman, I`m looking for a man. If I’m cold, I am looking for warmth. If …… I am compensating, keep building, but it doesn`t take root, doesn`t bring happiness, doesn`t satisfy. I keep walking again and again, forward, faster, more thoroughly, more carefully. I get tired, I fall, I rest, I get up again, and again and finally at the end I fall for a long time.

In order to complete this music, one needs to understand that all life is a continuous compensation. And do not engage in compensation. I’m hungry — compensation. I want to sleep — compensation. I want money — compensation. I want not to want — compensation. I want not to be fixated — compensation. I want to solve the problem using Simoron — compensation. All that is compensating does not fit, it falls off me. It makes me want to run further.

In order to end this music, it is necessary to see and understand that compensation does not work, it does not make me happier. And most importantly – to give up the compensatatory way of life. No matter how bad I want to become somebody or to go somewhere — I do not give in to the compensating wish to buy a ticket. I perform outrun and … either I go or not, I understand that I don`t need to go there. Suppose, I want to get married. I do outrun of events and of myself in my desire and then I either get married or not (not at all, or get married to another person, or … whatever you like). Everything human becomes not a pain, not suffering, not thirst, not hankering, but a large, beautiful and amazing world instead. The world, where there are no wives and no husbands, no dreams, no money, but there is goodness in everything that they referred to as a wife or husband, dreams or money. Or goodness in the absence of all of the above. There is fullness, confidence, serenity, joy. There is a precise knowledge and vision of the world — infinitely kind, bright, safe, great, interesting, diverse, perfect. In everything. Everywhere. There are no wars, and no peace. There is no bad weather or good. There is goodness and happiness in everything that is in tune with that part of you that lives with integrity. War is not approaching, and death doesn`t touch, because you can see the essence of it, you can see the obviousness of the omnipotence and security, contentment and independence of any kind of events or acts, prices, markets or politicians. Even death does`t touch — it’s just the rustling of pages (death does not touch anyone, if someone doesn`t touch it :-)). He, who is tired and wants to go Home, finds refuge in you. He, who still hustles and bustles, just runs by with a smile, waving his hand and disappears into his thirst. The world of things becomes beautiful and colorful background, just a toy from which you not only independent, but also bring in your creativity, your joy to everything that is in tune, in harmony with you and is ready to cooperate.

Let`s say, I decided to rise to a Track of Soaring. First thing I should do is to break the habit of suffering. In what way? Constantly realizing, whether I am waiting for something or whether, expecting something, whether I am in shock, whether I would like to buy something, improve something in my life or I can`t even want anything right now because I am beaten up by circumstances, I am overwhelmed, it takes away my ability to hope, to believe in the best future, to dream. If one has a desire or many desires at once (does not matter), if one has an unfulfilled desire that would not seem realistic at all, then one should perform the outrunning operation.

Example. I want to write in detail and clearly about myself and Simoron. I want everything to be clear, understandable and useful. I want to see happy simoron faces. Happy smiling faces of my loved ones, family, friends, relatives. Those who are far away and those who are not around.

My desire of all mentioned above is based on a skewer or rotisserie rod. It`s been strung on a rod. Let’s get rid of the rod, and whatever is strung on it, is not so important. Remove the core, everything will go away. Even something I do not remember now.

I cast a glance at any subject. A green mug of tea on my right is half-full. (I transfer my desire to it and tell all I would like to happen with a mug or whatever, in my personal opinion, mug would like to happen to it).

They wash the mug. Rinse it with super solution which repels odors. Cover it with special gel. They buy beautiful, unbreakable, self-ventilated, (with integrated air-conditioning) case for the mug. At night mug blooms and smells while no one is looking. And in the mornings it changes its color (it became magic.) It also makes noise. (Well, seems to be nothing more to say, but this ole wanting still sitting inside, so I continue.) Mug grew another ear, they bought saucer to keep it company and now they chat together during the long winter evenings. They also decided to travel, so they were given to a traveler and now they go with him to exotic places. They are sitting on a palm tree and showing their cool «hips», their beautiful shapes to the local monkey.
They even let her touch the edge and the pattern. They teach her how to change color and now, after visiting her country, there is a new kind of monkeys appeared, monkeys that are able to change their color. (Looks like that`s all… but no, still not enough, so I keep going). The mug becomes simoronaut and automatically passes “Simoron touch” to everyone who drinks from it, even everyone who touches it. And anyway, at night mug turns to a light night breeze, that moves around and soothes all the crying babies, sobbing girls, howling dogs and the like. It also straightens up trash cans and collects garbage in the minds of sleeping people. It cleans boots and weaves simoron lace on the branches of trees. That`s it! Here is my simpatico — Lace on the branches of night trees.

And what about my problem, you ask? And the problem — it’s just the visible decoration which helps me to see my position off the Track. What’s the difference what I want. The main thing is that I see what I Want Now. That is, I am seeking compensation that would have made it ​​up to me. But this is an illusion. The illusion is that I need this compensation.

Example of Don`t Want. Let`s say, I understand that one way or another I have to go to work tomorrow. And I do not want to go to work. I can not even think about anything else: TOMORROW I have to go to work… But I don`t feel like it.

I take any object and transfer my “don`t want” to it. Here is a calendar for 2007, very nice one. I don`t want this happen to it, but it`s happening. It doesn`t want this happen to it, but it`s happening. It`s getting old, the color of the print is fading. Year is running to an end, it got tossed in a drawer, it lays there, collects dust, it is bored, it feels of being unwanted, gets sick and deteriorates even further. The tips are bent, wrinkles are everywhere. It’s suffering and gets thrown in trash. Paper soaks with moisture, it rots, grows moldy. Some scrap remains mixed with dirt and all sorts of other garbage. This gross is weighed down by garbage and ground. Mice chew on it, cockroaches poop on it:)). (It seems to be funny, but my problem is still there). Cockroaches not only poop there … but also spit on these remnants of the former calendar and … poke it with whiskers, making hole in it. OK. I need some more … Cockroaches bring beetles and they crush the remnants with their jaws. Bite with their jaws, eat cotton away. They laugh at these papers and they somersault, vile animals :))). That’s enough. My simpatico is “somersaulting beetle with big laughing eyes and claws”. (The story can be accompanied by exhibiting objects.)

All my “don’t want” outruns are terribly funny. It’s just great.

It doesn’t matter what subject to take. It doesn’t matter what I am working with. First with a mug, then with a saucer — it’s all decorations. The most important thing is to keep the tendency strictly one-way. If we do “I want” outrun, keep it to the end. Do not mix them. Kind of, the mug became magic, but then neighbor came and broke it. Or. Yes, they tossed old calendar in a drawer, calendar stayed there for a while, then along came neighbor, felt sorry for it, took it home, and put it on the wall instead of picture. You can`t do it this way. If we are positive, then we are positive to the end, if negative — then we are negative to the end. Sometimes it happens that the tendency is chosen incorrectly. If you are a “don`t want” type, but you chose “want”, positive development doesn`t work, you just don`t believe in best. Then start over again in the desired direction. Sometimes, of course, it happens that after negative here comes positive. Or vice versa. Then we go with the flow. Do everything that carries you away. Human being is full of games.

Sometimes the situation is such that I don`t know, whether I am “want” or “don`t want” type, then there are clues. I look at any object and ask myself whether I want to improve it or I see that I don`t have any desire to improve something, then I am a “don`t want” type. (An interesting point — if you’re on the Track of Soaring, there is no desire to improve anything. Everything is already good and you immediatly see the simpatico in the subject, it`s simoron essence, that is, you immediately transmit image of the different one).

You can also tell your problem to your relative or a friend and ask him to follow your story. Make sure to express your problem, whether you want something or you are sick and tired of something and you want it to stop, but it is still going on.

If after that you still have hard time understanding who you are, then, as Petra says, this means that Dekosha (deconcentrated part of you) is unleashed and prevents the clarity of perception so much, that you don`t understand. Thoughts are very hazy, all mixed up. Then you can outrun Dekosha. It is enough to describe Dekosha up to exhaustion the way you imagine him, and show it all on different subjects until you finish its full description.

Now let me try to describe my Dekosha. So… Dekosha: It looks like a bear, the wooly one. Looking rusty, with knots. He is tying bows on his ears very slowly and sloppy. It doesn`t work very well at all. His paws are heavy; he is very awkward. Bows are nice, but they are falling all the time. He is tying them again, gets tired, he puts his paws down, bows falling out. I don`t give him anything, I don`t compensate. I am showing and describing what’s going to be the end of this outrunning story: bows are scattered, paws are crooked. He is lying there, grumbling, mumbling, growling, fussing about it, spitting, banging the floor with his paws, falling through the floor, flying upside down, yelling” Ouchy! Ouchy! Ouchy!”. He reaches the first floor like a mouse. His ears are laid back; he is snowed under the dust. Dust flies around through the window opening, it lights up and started dancing waltz slowly, floating in the air. All of it I exhibit with the help of different subjects, as I speak. I play it back all together at the end (showing to the pile of objects, how it looks like with the help of my body and sound the best I can.)

In principle, it is possible to do “playing” outrun. For example, I want very much Yan to understand everything in Simoron, to stop reaching goals and to become a real simoronaut, like «Wow!» I exhibit with the help of subjects everything I want from this situation. Well… Here sits Yan. Everything has settled in his mind, convolutions are lined up along the simoron shelves (I exhibit all that with the help of subjects). He himself now tells all about Simoron to others. All his problems were settled, (half of them disappeared by themselves and the other half was resolved without his direct participation). Yan now flies around Moscow, flipping wings as a butterfly, he is happy, well-fed, handsome, calm, confident. There is a long line consisting of grannies and grandpas, their grandkids and young girls lining up to get his advice and to Simoron themselves. His name becomes the embodiment of Simoron in Moscow.

Multimillion city knows its educator in face. They build big house at the highest point of Moscow for Yan. Not a house, but a palace. All kinds of business stop in Moscow, city is snow- bound. Here comes out sun and shines day and night in order to see and hear our beloved Yan, the great one and wise one. And even the birds, flying from North to South and back over Moscow, begin to hear our friend and tweet Yasny (Simoron Language). All Moscow, together with the coordinators and simoronouts begins speaking Yasny. Moscow changes and becomes a center of Simoron in the Universe. Rays emanate from it and the great simoron stories go in centuries. Moscow gets renamed as Yansk. They decorate it with ribbons, lights and flounces. Geese and ducks swim along the flounces, they gaggle and preen their feathers. That`s all…

I prefer to use “mirrors” (calendar, mug) when doing outrun. This way I don`t get lost. Although, if one wants to see his triumph or decline really bad, then, by using objects, he can easely unload himself. Precisely- to unload. Sorry, but he needs to puke, to belch this garbage named «want-don`t want.» There is a peak in every self-outrun. One has to pass it, don`t stop at it (first it`s like spasm in your throat, then relief, then peace and rest). When I just start doing self-outrun, it seems that nothing can help me in this life, but the outrun road is gradually being paved, it winds and in the long run leads me to the liberation (load has been taken off my mind), it helps a lot, everything falls into place and life is getting better. It is important to unload. Stop living with poison inside.

And also …The point is not to outrun more problems (to unload both external and internal garbage), but to stay in a state of lack of desires, in a state of outside of desires. That is, the first outrun carries you to the Track of Soaring. The second outrun also carries you to the same Track of Soaring. If you lost your Track and want something again, do outrun again and return to the Track of Soaring. It is not necessarily to outrun all the problems, what is important — to get taste of the DIFFERENT LIFE. And the better taste you develop to it, the less you are carried away from it. We need to get used to not solve the problem and achieve goals, but to achieve state of outside of goals and desires. Then everything comes to our life. Everything and at once. But one by one problems are not solved. Because in reality there is only one problem and it is inside of us. We can solve one life problem, but then another problem will come, even bigger than the first one. There is no end to it until problems eventually bury us. It is therefore important to understand the point — simoron outruns are not for solving problems, but for getting to a Track of Soaring (and only this works). If the glass in your window breaks, Simoron cannot stick pieces together with its magic. It is necessary to call service and get the new glass. And, of course, I need to do outrun. Because I, for example, am dying to fix the glass. It`s cool! I`ve never done it before. But I may get hurt when doing that. What if I do it together with the maitenance guy, talk to him heart to heart, maybe have some tea and get a new friend? Who knows what simoron potential is hidden there ;). All the more so, the real handyman is not outside, but inside of me.

Simoron is not a set of techniques, but the way of life.

There are no techniques in Simoron (again, I may disappoint somebody :)). The Burlans, authors of Simoron, are Track of Soaring people themselves, and they tried to split into pieces their Track in order to help others. (There is one guy in Gorlovka, where I am from, who has no idea that he is from Track and is indeed simoronaut by birth). He says, “you know, I am a simple country guy, I have no idea what you all talking about, but I love coming here, to the seminars, because I get really well what you all doing over here. It`s OK. But I would never be able to translate it to the human language as well as you got it in Simoron. What you are doing here, is absolutely impossible, to my humble mind.”

OK. Let`s talk the languige of a user: all the techniques here serve one purpose only: get to the Track of Soaring and stay there. Life is diverse, its inhabitants are diverse. Who prefers to use this or another technique is situational business. Every person has his/her own game combination and Simoron provides the key to its resolution by offering some trusted methods that worked for one or the other simoronaut.

Here is an example. Everything is beautiful, I get to the store to buy some chocolate. All of a sudden, here kicks off a signal:” Stop! How am I going to look like, walking down the street, munching on the chocolate? It`s hot now, chocolate will melt, it will be all over my fingers, I will be licking it off.” And in a split of a second, spontaneously the outrun operation turns on. HALF-OF-A SECOND: chocolate-is running-down -my –hands-down-my knees-I am -all –in- chocolate-people-are-looking-at-me-pointing-their-fingers-at-me-my-neighbor`s-dog-is-laughing-at-me-he-is-pointing-his paw- at-me-I-am-running-away-from-everybody-to-the-bus-I`d like-to hide-under-the seat-and-suddenly-the bus-turns-its face to me (like it`s made out of modeling clay), it bends like it`s alive, shines its headlights in my face and says:” Marina, really, how do you look like?” Imagine? I am not just snickering; I am cracking with laughter. People are looking at me, some are smiling. Nobody is pointing finger at me (I wouldn`t care if they did), because my laughter is sincere.

Another example. I`ve just seen my friend off to the train. I am riding the bus and I am sad. I understand that it`s not that he has left upsets me (he will be back soon), but I`ve been touched by something global-human: lossess, separation, parting, sadness, bygone. At this time, we are passing tall buildings and I begin “bitter” outrun. Houses are falling apart, everybody is down, death, emptiness, explosions. It`s raining, it`s foggy, no sun for almost a year, dreary, someone is trying to make out the debris, but it is impossible, there is emptiness around, tears, death, corpses. They made a monument out of debris. It was also destroyed. Everybody who was buried here, get up at night and fly to neighboring homes, evoke sadness and melancholy, they howl. Corpses get together in groups, but they are still sad although they howl like modern rappers. They shuffle their skeleton, bones, scratch their coffins, therefore coffins become sad too, and they also howl like rappers. That’s all, now it`s funny, I am fed up! My simpatico is: coffins are dancing and singing rap and dancing skeletons in the background. After this kind of an outrun my sadness was completely gone. All of a sudden I decided to get 2 Kg of oranges and visit my old friend. We had very nice time together, we talked and listen to music. It was so peaceful and calm feeling.

Anyway, outruns don`t lead to the resolution of a problem, but to such turn of events when there are no problematic situations at all, but instead, there is something really new, interesting, DIFFERENT. It`s important to understand: no matter what situation is-I don`t care, my business is to get to the Track of Soaring.

Let those who are interested in fighting problems, fight them. Specially it concerns relatives and members of the family. My task is not for my loved one to get well (or from the Track of Soaring to see the best cure in the world), but to return to the Track of Soaring where maybe, or rather, for sure he wouldn`t need the cure at all. And only this is important. Even if he is strict player of the earthly game and is getting ready to leave this life, moreover I have to get to the Track of Soaring.

So, Simoron is not a set of techniques, but the way of life, the way of being. Those who seek to reach some goals, may think that Simoron has some methods or techniques. This view is superficial.

What does Track of Soaring actually give you? It gives the extension. I figuratively see that as you are covering all your living space and nothing bad or terrible could ever happen to you, unless you start narrowing yourself to the local situation, some problem or a person, or group of people. As soon as there is an object of concern or worry, for example, I left my house door unlocked, narrowing happens immediately. I am staying at some other place and worry, — goodbye Track of Soaring. All my energy is wasted on worries, thinking, doubts. At this point you just don`t have any more energy, power or attention for other situations and you can`t act efficiently. At this time, you don`t have the accuracy of making decisions, your clarity of vision is blocked (but the world is not waiting, you can`t stop the reel of life`s film). At this time the house of cards is falling. When I am back to the Track of Soaring, I immediately see the decision as to that door, should I go back and lock it, or I have clear undertanding that nothing bad will happen. And usually you forget about the door, but instead something else comes into being, something that right now is the most precise action, like maybe going and see new movie.

One person`s Track of Soaring creates whole field for all beings. And you don`t really know how and whom you have helped with your presence. This is the best, the most powerful help. It is complete revolution in our conscience and perception of the world.

Marina Chebotova

January, 2007

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