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Track of Soaring


Don’t you, all young and smart, know anything better than to whine and look at life from the height of your disdain? And to waste the best time of your life, not even trying to find the way out! Think how boring and painful it is.

K. Paustovsky.

We often complain about boredom and uninteresting life. We are not happy with many things in our life, if not with everything. Everybody has long list of such. Then, when we stymie, we try to get out of the situation or particular circumstances of our life in one way or the other. Sometimes we succeed. With difficulties, with huge effort, overcoming obstacles. But … Here comes a new wave, followed by another and another … The repetition is inevitable. As soon as one game ends, another game begins. And it all lasts untill the end of the game called this “earthly life”.

We want to be the strongest, the most intelligent, the healthiest, the most talented in all games of life …We constantly strive to imitate someone, to be someone, we try to «live life» from the ethereal ideal that society imposed on us over the years, from our upbringing, from our family, our peers, art, etc. If, despite of it all, we still manage to achieve some success, we «go up the stands» and begin to be «inimitable», «unique», in short, the most-the most …

We play game, very well-known since childhood — «Mirror, mirror, tell me …». But this doesn`t last long either. Here come new ideals, new heights to achieve, otherwise we are not going to be understood, we won`t be accepted by others into more prestigious, but still –a game. It doesn`t matter what area of life or activity it has to do. Everywhere the principle remains the same. As time passes, we remember with sadness our dream of childhood or youthful dream, that remained unrealized. And such a deep sadness sets in, that we are almost ready for the noose …

Ideals disappoint, authorities happen to be phony, conquered heights- false, not worth a brass farthing. All this hustle and bustle, parties, some artificial fascinations, disappointments, seeming ascensions and very painful downfalls.

But can we do without all this nonsense ? One day we take a deep breath, pull ourselves together and say: “Enough is enough!”- and we begin to take action.

When student is ready, here comes teacher

I was on the way to Simoron for many years. These were years of various apprenticeship, searching, testing and making mistakes, reading and studying incredible amount of literature. Some findings were interesting; some even went into practice. But I felt like I was lacking some “zest”, some integrity, generalization, if you will, artistry and refinement, and maybe, even some absurdity. Because the inner being that lives in all of us, for some reason rather, didn`t want to obey the abstruse truths someone imposes on us, to perform long and grueling exercises in order to develop something trans marginal and promising once umpteenth result.

And so, in December of 1999 we had our first meeting with the Burlans. Maybe, the rumors about their school (the»wizards») attracted my attention- and I remembered the unrealized dream from my childhood, which was imprinted on an old school photo: I’m dressed as a clown at the New Year’s party. Maybe, the fact that it was promised to have a lot of different games with disguise and transformation, and that we had to make a rag doll, looking like yourself, necessarily with our own hands. Maybe it was what we call intuition. Who knows …

Then at those first trainings I was amazed by the ways that were proposed to solve life problems, without being drawn into different life`s games. Techniques rather resembled the street buffoons, farcical theater (incidentally, also my unfulfilled dream). I liked it. And I began to apply the tricks I learned from Petra and Pyotr. The originated names were so strange (Pretzel, for example), weird suggestions (like, to relieve headache, you should attach empty pack of cigarettes to the left hand … And it helped!). Gradually I came to realization and feeling that I was responsable for everything that was happening to me.

Something began to change in my life. I felt more comfortable, safer, many problems were resolved as if by themselves, with no visible involvement and intervention. People around me, friends and family also started noticing some interesting things happening in their life. And without any special effort on my part. Eventually I began to teach Simoron techniques, and as it turned out later, the Simoron way of life, other people.

Kyiv, June 2001

Every summer the founders of the system Petra and Pyotr Burlan hold large training seminars in Kiev, which attract people from everywhere. But this year the geography was the broadest ever: near abroad (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Cherepovets, Tver, Beltsy, Vilnius, Bishkek, Tashkent, …) and far abroad (Canada, the Netherlands, Italy, USA, Germany), representatives from almost all regional centers of Ukraine.

The interest to system is understandable. It helps person to define his/her natural norm of behavior, health, helps learn to leave the problem space and never enter it again. Participants` problems immediately started to get solved by themselves. People learned about it when they called back home. Internal changes occurred with everybody right in front of us.

Here is one of the simplest techniques. Starting from our own or someone else’s problem, one has to realize that he/she is the reason of it: I am pain of this person, I am doubt, I am worries, I am disease, etc. And then to portray all of it: how it may look, how it may feel, how it may be seen. After that comes something that in Simoron is called game completion state: one no longer wants to play in problems that were portrayed, that were pictured.

By getting rid step-by-step of such stereotypes, we get to the path of Track of Soaring — the way of unhindered, smooth, creative self-realization in any area: from cooking borsch, to great scientific discoveries, writing inspirational poetry or composing music …

Just a few days later almost all of the workshop participants talked about the life in a new way, based on the simoron concept: I am the Author of my biography … This way the system gradually leads person out of the long-term dependence on the surrounding circumstances.

Create your own world

One of the classes Petra began with the statement: «We create the world, not recreate it.» This is one of the Burlan`s secrets. Nothing prepared in advance will work here. This is pure creation in progress, while performing one of the simoron methods.

You should have seen faces of participants, who were composing «movie scripts», which the venerable Hollywood scriptwriters might well envy. People allowed themselves to unleash something that stayed inside of them unclaimed and unrealized for decades. And when the verbal story was replaced by verbal melodic dance pattern (ie, expended abilities of movement on the Track of Soaring), the participants were hard to recognize.

However, I was perplexed in times: is it really me? Yesterday I couldn`t even think about something like that … I am, so and so, have a well-defined social status in society, all of a sudden dancing unimaginable, strange dance in front of dozens of strangers and I don’t feel the internal ban, don`t look back. I am not afraid of what they may say or think about me.

While on the Track (of soaring), we can create any circumstances of life. When seminar participants learned this truth very well, the Burlans offered them to build the earthly playground anew. It is peculiar three-dimensional model in which, according to the Simoron theory, the worlds of minerals, plants, and animals exist. By using special game languages, that correspond to each level, anyone can reach an agreement with them about cooperation, and reach comfortable level of health, safety, mental balance, etc. for himself. Reach, strengthen and stay in this state, known as the game completion state.

For example, the audience enthusiastically worked with the world of stones. They felt the problems of a specimen, tried to understand the inner game processes that were going on in it, and to lead stone out of its adventures, to show that the simoron’s beginning is inherent in it too. Mineral responded with consonance, and both of them- stone and its operator — together, «mountain climbing » like, ascended to the Track of Soaring with the new potential of self-discovery, based on the entirely different principles of sensing self in the world and the world in self.

Simoron once again reminded that all beings in the world are equal in the prospectives of their creative realization.


Numerous simoron techniques convince us that we create, model everything out of ourselves. This happens at all levels of the three-dimensional world- in the realms of minerals, plants, animals …

So, does it mean that this world, and the cognition of it come to an end? Not at all! We were always interested to find out what was there, beyond of it. This is not the concrete constructional everyday world (CON), but deconstructed, dematerialized reality (DECON). The next stage of the system is dedicated to its study. The Burlans smoothly lead their listeners to the border between these worlds and offer to easely, effortlessly master the possibilities of its conscious transition.

Typical feature of the “otherworldly” world, according to the Burlans, is that whatever happens here, in our reality, also happens “over there” at the same time. By getting to know that “over there”, we find the firm ground under our feet here, and get rid of the fear of death.

All participants of the workshop unanimously agreed that they gained inner confidence, strength, peace of mind and comfort. It feels like new horizons of life suddenly open. Everything around is perceived as some kind of a piece of the Great and Eternal that we are so used to talk about, sitting at the kitchen table or doing various esoteric teachings and practices.

But perhaps the biggest impression was made by the so-called traveling to playing grounds of the “over there” world, mainly inhabited by people departed from the physical life.

Here are two examples from my diary which I kept during workshop. At one of the sites I saw my father. Over there he was conductor of a huge (seemed a few thousand people) Symphony Orchestra. He was standing behind the board dressed in a tailcoat. And I felt like a baton in his hand. I was helping him to manage musicians. I was like talking to him through the baton, wondering why he was stuck over there, why didn`t he move on … He answered me with laughter: “We haven`t finished playing yet”. But we’ll see… We`ll see …

Later came an explanation of what I saw. Father, as I remember, has always dreamed of playing a musical instrument. He even had balalaika at home. Strummed on it pretty well, so it seemed to me. Having finished up his life in this incarnation, he was «out there» doing something he couldn`t realize over here.

Second story. My late friend was film director “over there”, (he was film director in this life too). He was making an epochal movie with a huge crowd of extras. I was a film strip for this movie. I was like capturing all the moments, absorbing them. Then I have been, as they say, developed by stretching me out through the flower … field. Show it on the screen. But whatever was on the film was not what we shot, I just know it. And the first frame: my friend and I are standing in an embrace. And the title in large letters – “You got it!”

I don`t know … Maybe, because it is impossible to fully understand everything. I asked Petra and Pyotr Burlan for comments.


-Nine day long Simoron training came to an end. Judging by the reaction of the audience, people who had first encountered your school as well as those who had some experience and/or are involved in training, have never participated in the training that powerful.

Petra: It`s always like that. At the end of training people realize that they are filled with something unusual, that something extraordinary happened.

— Something happened in what sense?

Petra: Physically and spiritually. There is a change in people`s minds and in their existence. I know that many people are not even aware of where they were and why. But it`s just a matter of time, when impression goes away, and understanding sets in. Because the audience is always very mixed. There are people who know exactly what they need from Simoron, what they see in it, and what they will learn. They come here purposefully, with some goals, with a desire to somehow reach them. There is some consumerism behind it, but it`s honest. There are also «simoronavts by law» for which our system is a confirmation of their own observations and findings. And finally, there are people completely random: they are here out of curiosity … and they stayed here, although they had absolutely no idea where they were going and why. This case is by far the most troublesome for us, but very exciting for them: the sharpness and freshness of change always beckons.

— You showed in the full version of Simoron 2001 the integrity that system got at the present moment. In contrast to the other systems (which is, by the way, very nice!) Simoron is a mobile system, mobile and self-developing. If to go back and recall how all it started 13 years ago…? What is left of the old Simoron in this, modern one?

Petra: The main thing — the idea.

— And what is the main idea of Simoron?

Petra: The main idea is that I am the projector of all things. I am the author of everything around me. This idea stayed. It has always been there. You see, methods changed, but the idea has always been the same.

Pyotr: Just thirteen years ago we started from the fact that at the core of every person there is a certain, shall we say, creative beginning that controls his life and personality as well as all surrounding circumstances. This beginning requires the way out. If you find a way to give it way out by the shortest route, it changes the whole life of a person … He no longer lives life of a discrete being, stumbling all the time at the obstacles and moving between two points: point A, from which he came into being, and point B, to which he aspires, and which would lead him out of existence. After all, human life consists mainly of this movement between points A and B. We are trying from the very first day to restore that natural feeling in a person, feeling which says that he is not present in some locations and not between them, but in the whole universe in whichever way this presence is manifested: in its momentary existence or eternal, infinite life in time and space. Give person a chance to feel his all-around presence, teach him how to manage this phenomenon is our goal. In fact, we are implementing this goal from the very first day. In this regard, the system has not changed.

— But the system has undergone so many different, let`s say, technical changes. It becomes easier, more refined, more accessible. Do you think this is a period or…?

Petra: The beginning. You see, it’s the way of life for us. And what will be added to the image on the next day or which elements will evolve on another day- we don’t know. Today. But here comes tomorrow, and we know again.

Pyotr: If until now we have considered different ways to achieve these goals, then now we managed to build some kind of a fairway, the line by which the program is carried out automatically, if to move systemically down the proposed track. When the car is not poking into all corners and turns, getting stuck at each of them, but starts moving continuously along its track, it discovers huge opportunities that have not yet been identified because of the fact that the car was engaged only into looking for a way out. When there is no more need to look for the way out, it appears that it is possible to use this track not as expected in the beginning. It seems that the road our car is moving down has been probed more or less accurate. The task in the future will be not to look for new twists to the system, but to discover new reserves and possibilities on the already found track, so that the system is enriched from within. That is, the road down which the car was traveling, suddenly turns into… runway for a plane or channel for a sailing ship. So, in that sense we say, new perspective opens up — to develop, to deepen the system. If before it was meant to be a way to solve problems, to improve one`s current life, then now it means a lot more … In fact, the system is becoming one of the short ways to answer the millennial questions of humanity. Practical answers to the questions …

Simoron`s track. Track of Soaring. How many people have already passed, driven, flown down it?

Pyotr: Thousands of people … Nobody counted exactly. Hundreds attend our school in Kyiv annually, hundreds, thousands are also involved in the branches and on-site seminars… People already know about Simoron, they become involved in it around the world …

— What is the secret of the system`s popularity and its growth? After all, in our time, it is not easy to win recognition.

Petra: You can`t win recognition. After all, what is recognition? It`s recognizing of yourself in somebody else: someone said well about something you have long guessed yourself. And we have it very simple: we developed way of life that somehow became interesting to others. That’s all.

Pyotr: Probably because we are talking about the most important thing, that many systems do not talk- about the gaming nature of a human. Something, that Shakespeare said years ago: “whole world is the theater and people are actors”. Based on this actorship, we are appealing to that part of a person`s nature that stands behind his make-up and decoration and which is felt by everybody … Everybody plays some kind of role in this world. So, the removal of role restrictions, exposure of that kind of natural beginning, that stands behind of any role — all of it intuitively, even instinctively is taken by our students as their natural need. If not to tell a person that he plays a role, he will think that this role is the main content of his life. If to tell him that, he will say: ”What a dummy I was! I didn`t see that!” And then he will realize how easy it is to take the mask off. Polish satirist S.E. Lets once said: «How many masks has a person to put on, so that he wouldn`t feel when he is beaten in the face!» So, when all the masks are removed and when a person is exposed, it turns out that it is impossible to hit him. Because they only beat at masks. Just because one is wearing mask. Just because there is a mask. Just to get to the face. But the person who is open, who is exposing all of the natural connection with his nature doesn’t need to hide his face behind masks. He discovers that he is not under attack at all …

Petra: Moreover, we offer to do this on their own, without any intervention, without pressure or influence on the part of the teacher (although they often ask us to do so). That is, everything happens by itself, easily, freely, smoothly, naturally and it fits right into the mode of a person`s existence.

Pyotr: He doesn`t need to meditate, chew grasshoppers, stay in the monastery or stand on his head for half of a day… He’s just living his natural life and suddenly discovers that it is possible to live differently, that by taking off his role limitations, under the same usual circumstances, he suddenly starts to win, not to lose. It amazes him because everything is so simple — like a breath of fresh air. Perhaps that`s why this system attracts the most people.

— Well, what about so popular nowadays concepts of «karma», «destiny», «theory of fear» …

Pyotr: These views kind of decorate the reality, showing it in a certain section, from a certain angle. And a person moves from this angle … It turns out, not only he is closed from the reality by his stereotypes and masks, he has to add another kind of mask, another kind of gaming device, which supposedly promised him that in the end of the way he will take everything off and will open himself up. But in reality he closes himself from life even more. Because those views that you mentioned are invented in human society, those views are originated not by nature, but precisely from the gaming circumstances person puts himself in. It looks like one game inside the other. Game in a cube. And it’s endless. And a person can’t get out of this prison. And eventually he leaves this life, not knowing why he came here …

— So what is Simoron? Playing psychological training, game, practice, esoteric school, the school of wizards, lifestyle after all?

Pyotr: Lifestyle.

— Based on …

Pyotr: Finding the way out of all kinds of games. Being free from gaming addiction.

Petra: It turns out that we are not just involved in the game, we depend on it. We are so incorporated into it, so much embedded, that it creates an illusion that it controls us. So that`s what happens. People live being controlled by their own creation. Illusion driven by another illusion. Reflected by the mirror. It would seem obvious, but not so obvious to the most people. And it is not enough just to show it to people. We have to show how to get out of this apparent dependence. That`s why we are always looking for ways more refined and simple that would help at least those who want it.

Pyotr: In this sense Simoron, of course, is closer to the category of the playing psychological training. Although we do not train people, we untrain them. We free them from the need of training in order to achieve some result. And here we are kind of going in line with the old esoteric tradition, that sounds, as far as I remember, like this: one thorn is removed by another thorn and then both are discarded. In this case, in order to direct people out of the game, we show them a game where they unveil the futility of their everyday games. Person gets involved in a laboratory game environment which abolishes similar life game. He/she becomes a player who does not pursue any goals other than to get out of their everyday games. By playing, we become free from the games. And then it turns out that, in general, there is no need in game. You live a normal life of a normal free being.

Sergei Durashkin.

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