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What is Simoron


-… unique, completely original discovery of Petra and Pyotr Burlan; discovery that doesn’t have analogues in psychological science,

— … modern progressive psychological practice that helps to achieve real success in any business — from cooking dinner to learning the essence of life,

— … the development of all creative potential of a person and un-impeded realization of this potential,

— … activation of universal knowledge and skills in yourself, skills possessed by a few in the whole world,

-… sober, non-mystified view of the nature of life and death, constant awakening, assertion of life everywhere and in everything.

Psychological training Simoron equips everybody with fail-proof methods that allow to:

  • really solve problems instead of endlessly talking about them;
  • free your life from any kind of turmoils instead of fleeing from them;

— make failures impossible instead of struggling with them;

  • and as a result, to reach that level of existence, where feeling of internal and external independence becomes a strong foundation of our relationship with the world.

Authors of simoron system base on the idea that there is a harmonious beginning in every person, it is the inner Master. If to awaken him – he begins to rein our lives. Boundaries of awareness expand; spiritual and physical strength, safety, confidence in future – all these things do not require effort now; they become the norm of life. Earthly person begins to show himself as a being of a cosmic scale.

Method by which this is done in the Burlan’s school is the exposure of stereotypes, usual routines, conventions imposed on a person by the surroundings. Here they don’t purposefully teach anything, they don’t offer techniques borrowed from some other teachings, they don’t encourage efforts for finding any special skills … On the contrary, they wean away from everything superfluous, temporary, superficial, thus helping our living natural energy to emerge. Simoron is the easiest, the most relaxed, the most fun science!

One can join tens of thousands of people who during more than a quarter century of the existence of this science, have proved its undeniable effectiveness, by getting itinerary directly from the Burlans’ hands. The Burlans are known as writers of the first Soviet popular science film about modern trends of esoterics «Information for reflection» (Kievnauchfilm, 1982), also they were organizers and leaders of a distinctive improvisational «Theatre on Chairs» in Kyiv (70 th — 80 th). Petra and Pyotr have published ten fascinating books about their method; they held thousands of workshops in classroom and online, lasting nine months, three months, two days and 5-7 days – Crash Course; participants were residents of nearly 40 countries.

On this website one can familiarize himself (herself) with a number of fascinating materials about simoron system, with dozens of popular posts from our mailing

«Simoron secrets», and watch several authorial video interviews, as well as order books through the authorized Burlan’s publishers.


Since its inception to the present time Simoron is represented only by the author’s school. If you have doubts about the quality and authenticity of events held by anyone under the sign of Simoron, be sure to request information in Kyiv School: Tel. +38 050 5115209, e-mail — burlan@ukr.net, Skype — burlan-do.

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